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Woody Folsom Automotive

Woody Folsom Automotive

Address: 1749 Golden Isles W, Baxley, GA 31513, USA


Website: http://woodyfolsomautogroup.com/

City: Georgia

Country: United States

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Melinda Webb Melinda Webb
Shared publicly - February, 25
Wonderful people!! I live in Texas and found the car I wanted on their website! They did everything right !!! Thank you to everyone at the dealership that made this possible. I am blessed and happy to have found you and I will come see you!!! Thank you!!!

Mariah Thomas Mariah Thomas
Shared publicly - July, 10
Did not physically go to this location, but I am reporting that earlier today there was one of the company's trucks flying down highway 82 passing thru Centreville, AL going at LEAST 90 mph in a 55 with a white Chevrolet truck on the back of the company's truck and almost hit me trying to speed like a fool. THAT IS BEYOND DANGEROUS!! Please get new drivers that will obey the speed limits smh

IMustWin Godwin IMustWin Godwin
Shared publicly - June, 13
I have never in my life encountered I work for a business that was so disrespectful. I used to drive for Woody Folsom Automotive in Baxley Georgia until I receive the citation for No Tag which had nothing to do with me and my valid license. I advised Woody Folsom himself for the citation and he told me that he would take care of it just to find out later that I would had a bench warrant out for my arrest due to the fact that he did not take care of it or pay the citation.(it ain't like he don't have the monet) I went back to talk to him again and he advise me that WHEN I get locked up to give him a call and he will be there to get me out. I am 28 years young and I have never been incarcerated for any thing because I hold myself to a certain standard (as I should) I took him to court over a month ago to get my money back and to this day I still have not received my money back. But I got the pleasure of going to court and listening to his lawyer conversate about how she's going out of her way to help a poor young black woman who got caught in North Georgia by law enforcement for gun trafficking and with tons of money instead of discussing my case like we should, because Woody wanted her (the lawyer or whatever her title is) to help the young black woman & her boyfriend. I have truly lost all respectful for this man who I once admire because of drive & accomplishments, and now I see that he one of the reasons why he is so successful is because of he have stood proudly on the backs of many other people to get the success he have today and I have no respect for that.

Jada Dior Jada Dior
Shared publicly - May, 30
If you want a vehicle, there's plenty to pick from!

Mystery _N Mystery _N
Shared publicly - July, 31

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