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Wild Wilderness Drive-Through Safari

Wild Wilderness Drive-Through Safari

Address: 20923 Safari Rd, Gentry, AR 72734, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 479-736-8383

Website: http://www.gentryzoo.com/

City: Arkansas

Country: United States

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Brenda Wylie Brenda Wylie
Shared publicly - April, 16
We loved it because of we did get to drive through and not have to try to walk. Our kids loved seeing the animals out and roaming around. It was just a great experience. Thank you.

Christina Baxter Christina Baxter
Shared publicly - November, 17
This place is getting better everytime we visit except the lady at the concession stand where we paid to drive through was very short and rude and not very helpful at all. There was a lion there in an enclosure that didn't look well at all. He looked mangy and sick. Other than that, our 5 year old loved seeing the animals and learning about them. The drive through is gorgeous as well. The nature is amazing!

Kim Kim
Shared publicly - September, 13
The family had a great visit driving through the 10 mile safari. I only wish it was an open window area, but doors and windows must stay closed and no feeding the animals. The adults and kids, 3 and 11 all had a wonderful time! Would definitely like to visit again.

Sachin Kantipudi Sachin Kantipudi
Shared publicly - October, 18
They have a nice and diverse coverage of animals. Enjoyed getting in proximity to all the wildlife there. Only thing is that their baboon and big cat enclosure space is not that much. Baboons especially look sad and sick. Overall enjoyed the experience very much. Request to the management - Please increase the enclosure space for the carnivorous collection unless there is a good reason otherwise.

Joshua K Joshua K
Shared publicly - September, 13
Rained hard, so many of the animals were "in hiding" but we made the best of it and played "can you find"... the cost is super high for just driving around, but they seem to take pretty good care of the place. I'd think more walking areas with animals you can actually see would be great (we couldn't even figure out how to get close enough to see the monkeys and giraffes on the walking paths)... I think, for this price, we'll just go to a zoo and walk around enjoying animals a bit more. This is fun for a one time visit, but I don't see the "pull" of going more then once.

Bill McClain Bill McClain
Shared publicly - September, 13
Awesome. Lots of healthy happy animals. Weather was perfect, the animals were out and active. Great selection, friendly staff.

Charles Phillips Charles Phillips
Shared publicly - September, 13
We absolutely love this place And you get your money's worth. The scenery itself as you go through the drive-thru shows how much they care about this place and the effort that they have put into it. The animals were out today and we enjoyed our trip very much.

Rebecca Hall-Boxley Rebecca Hall-Boxley
Shared publicly - September, 13
The animals just didn’t seem well taken care of. they seemed too small and they were covered with flies. The camels had blood dripping down their back legs. There was so much open space but the monkeys only had a small cage to sit in. The lemurs looked bored and didn’t have much room to move around in either. I felt terrible for the animals 😩

Salincia Quintanilla Cinkosky Salincia Quintanilla Cinkosky
Shared publicly - September, 13
I had never been because I live in Colorado but I LOVED it when I went when we visited my grandparents during Thanksgiving break! It was such a great experience and was so cool! I love being able to see al the animals, feed the Kangaroos, ride a camel and get up close and person with lots of amazing animals! I loved being able to be so close to Wolfs, a hyena, Zebras, Monkeys etc. I would definitely recommend this to any family’s with kids it is a great experience and I believe everyone would love it!

Tasha Short Tasha Short
Shared publicly - September, 13
This used to be an amazing place to visit. It's pretty run down now and most of the animals look to be in need of veterinary care. The wall through part wasn't great. The drive thru safari is still pretty neat, but definitely not worth the prices they are charging. I'd recommend going elsewhere, to be honest.

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