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Westown Movies

Westown Movies

Address: 150 Commerce Dr, Middletown, DE 19709, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-378-2436

Website: https://www.westownmovies.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Tamia Matthews Tamia Matthews
Shared publicly - May, 3
Nice, clean movie theater. They show a variety of movies, and have a food area where you can buy snacks & drinks. Big comfortable recliner seats. Reasonable prices. Will return!

Shared publicly - August, 10
Went to “Bullet Train”. The film itself was great. However. I purchased tickets online only to arrive at the theatre to see all the self serve kiosks were removed. The point of online ticketing is to be able to skip the line. We were in the GTX auditorium- the one where you typically pay more money for a better presentation. Something was wrong with the air conditioning. The guy at the usher post told us that the air was broken and they could just give us a refund. The lobby of the theatre seemed in disarray. Most the the displays were not operational. The ones that did worked hard such a blue hue that they were really hard to read. Most of the concession items we wanted to buy were “out of stock”. This theatre isn’t that old. But it’s gone downhill really quick. I can’t recommend it to my friends anymore.

Mary Mooney Mary Mooney
Shared publicly - June, 2
What a nice movie theater. I was running late so I didn't stop for the popcorn. It smelled good too. Our theater was clean and it had excellent acoustics. We saw Lost City. I recommend it.

John Ahrem John Ahrem
Shared publicly - June, 2
Ticket prices aren't terrible and the theaters are usually pretty empty. I would say it is relatively clean, but I bring wipes to wipe down seats as a precaution. .

Stefan Keels Stefan Keels
Shared publicly - April, 3
Movie theater is really nice. Seats were really comfortable for not being electric recliners hut they rocked back and forth. Prices for popcorn aren't too crazy. Was like 8 dollars for the largest one. Will definitely be back.

Michael Braddock Michael Braddock
Shared publicly - June, 2
This is a good theater, but unfortunately when I went they were unable to take credit cards. I got my tickets through Fandango, so that wasn't an issue. The issue came when it was time to get snacks. Only having a credit card, I had to go find an ATM to get cash. Having an ATM on site may have solved the problem. I can't imagine this happens often, but having a back up in place might be a good idea. I enjoyed the movie though.

Ms. T (TiZz) Ms. T (TiZz)
Shared publicly - June, 2
It was cash only signs posted everywhere when we arrived so we had to leave and drive to find an ATM and make the next movie. The snacks were very reasonably priced although my pretzels were over heated. I would've like more 3D time slots available.

Ebel Monroy Ebel Monroy
Shared publicly - July, 2
I enjoy this movie theater clean and well maintained from the theater seats to the bathrooms, staff friendly, reasonable prices on icee's and popcorn. They also have a butter station you can put your own amount of butter on your bag of popcorn thats a plus+

Joe F Joe F
Shared publicly - August, 1
Staff was super helpful the manager I believe his name was Alex was phenomenal he’s incredibly kind and funny he even helped my wife and I carry all the popcorn and food we ordered into our movie definitely recommend coming to Westown Movies

Dandan 1505 Dandan 1505
Shared publicly - July, 2
Negatives- Creaky chairs and can get quite crowded, no self serve butter Positives-big screens, good sound, decent amount of bass Overall I recomend but I think the milford theater outshines this one in terms of quality

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