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Weider Gym

Weider Gym

Address: 85CX+MRX, Sana'a, Yemen

Phone: (+96) 7 1 514 098

City: Shabwah

Country: Yemen

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Bobe Bobe
Shared publicly - July, 8
It's a really good place to practice in . It has a great trainers . I recommend this place for any person who wants to change his figure , both fat or slim . WORK HARD OR GO HOME

Nothing Nothing
Shared publicly - July, 8
Amazing place to spend time instead of wasting it on your mobile or in ( Kat ) . I recommend this place for any person who wants to change his figure both fat or slim

Mohammad Al-Abhar Mohammad Al-Abhar
Shared publicly - October, 11
This place used to be good but recently it became awful. More then 15 treadmills are out there but only 5 of them work. Most of the coaches won't give you the right training program and won't show you how to use the machines correctly unless you pay them. The gym doesn't open the sauna unless it is after 4 pm.

Shared publicly - October, 11
More than good, it is the best gym i have ever visted, i subscribed three-days ago, and i go every day, they have modern, high-quality exercise devices and tools, fingerprint Presence/departure, i really highly recommend if you want a gym from next level.

Jodie Truong Jodie Truong
Shared publicly - July, 24
Best gym in Yemen

kailee hampton kailee hampton
Shared publicly - August, 7
Best gym out there.

Kevon Boone Kevon Boone
Shared publicly - July, 8
Great gym

Shared publicly - August, 8
The best complete gymnasium hall in Sana'a in particular and unfortunately YEMEN in general. This place has it all to get you transformed or keep you at the top of your physique!...

Sibele Braga Sibele Braga
Shared publicly - August, 7
The best Gym in Sana'a

Serge x Serge x
Shared publicly - August, 8
Best gym in Yemen. Full gym with free weights and machined. Well maintained. Clean and well managed.

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