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Ward's Supermarket

Ward's Supermarket

Address: 515 NW 23rd Ave, Gainesville, FL 32609, USA


Website: https://wardsgainesville.com/

City: Florida

Country: United States

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Keri Eversole Keri Eversole
Shared publicly - February, 8
One of my favorite stores to shop in. They’ve got such a variety of unique goods. You don’t feel lost as in some bigger stores but they have so much to offer. Some great fresh deli selections and so many things for allergynFriendly folks. Staff is friendly and people are always stocking or cleaning. Really enjoy my experience shopping here.

Chantal Watts Chantal Watts
Shared publicly - March, 7
This is a wonderful market! It has everything. The produce is fresh and delicious. They have a huge selection of wines and chocolates (the essentials). It's not the cheapest, but well worth the cost.

Rosalind P Rosalind P
Shared publicly - March, 17
Love this place. I find just about all specialty items I need for my allergies- including local honey and fresh produce. Prices are reasonable too. Worth the trip.

AbdoKhaled Nassr AbdoKhaled Nassr
Shared publicly - September, 13
Fresh food, great meats and awesome staff!!

bougee rainbow bougee rainbow
Shared publicly - September, 12
Friendly staff. Great selection of fresh produce and bulk items!

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