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Viking Golf & Go-Karts

Viking Golf & Go-Karts

Address: 38965 Island St, Fenwick Island, DE 19944, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-539-1644

Website: http://fenwickfun.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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James Cameron James Cameron
Shared publicly - July, 31
We had a great time at Thunder Lagoon the other day! Use the Sunny Days coupon if you can do multiple days! If not, the daily 2 hour is very reasonable! The staff, managers and facilities are perfect for the kiddos! It is perfect for the 2 hour pass! My kiddos have enjoyed it year after year for 3 years running now. Very convenient, plenty of parking, convenient to the OC bus terminal at 145th, easy to access inland via lighthouse road and plenty of other activities to keep you busy besides the water park.

Josh Rudd Josh Rudd
Shared publicly - August, 30
They say that people are more likely to share a bad experience than they are a good one. I’m coming here to tell you how awesome of a time myself, my girlfriend, and the kids had! This park was perfect in every way for us. Small, under crowded, and definitely family friendly. We spent two days at four hours each here. The slides are cool but I definitely do not recommend the body slide if your a larger person like myself. My back hurt for a solid hour after from the seams in the slide. The kids befriended a pool attendant named Tim who was super friendly, outgoing, and it was a pleasure to watch him interact with them! I’ve nicknamed him “The Great Tim” and the kids (still) will not shut up about him and are expecting to see him next year. The guy even helped me find my lost wallet. If there is some sort or program in which the company rewards good employees, invests in them for lifeguard training or other local programs, he is assuredly the best candidate you have working there. We went to the boardwalk area. The ice cream was fantastic and so were the tenders and fries. We rode the go karts shortly before we left and if there’s any doubt about the carts holding 300 lbs, put that to rest. Held my own and finished first place. Overall, we really enjoyed our time here and will definitely be coming back in 2022 to check on Tim. Thank you all for being affordable, clean, hospitable, and fun!

Chris M Chris M
Shared publicly - August, 30
The kids enjoyed the four hours we were here at the water park. There's an extension of the boardwalk nearby where you can grab a bite to eat or a coffee. Our time was spent at the water park only but the golf course and go cart track looks fun. Getting here at the opening is probably a smart move to avoid the crowd later in the day.

Lisa O'Brien (LO Media) Lisa O'Brien (LO Media)
Shared publicly - July, 31
We were looking for dog friendly activities and found Viking Golf. We brought our small dog and had a great time on the course. The gentleman who got us set up at the booth was friendly as well.

Bartosz Aleksandrowicz Bartosz Aleksandrowicz
Shared publicly - August, 9
It’s a must if you are visiting ocean city. Great miniature golf for all ages, boardwalk with ice cream corner, food and arcade. Not to mention go kart truck and great water park.

Lucas Mears Lucas Mears
Shared publicly - June, 1
Amazing course with so much fun stuff. We just did mini golf but the holes were creative and fun. The employee, Cody, was absolutely amazing and the reason for five stars- not only was he incredibly customer service focused, he even recommended breweries and restaurants for the rest of our trip. Awesome time.

robert b robert b
Shared publicly - August, 30
Water park review- Purchased the two hour pass, was enjoyable but more of a younger kids park. Snack choices were pretty limited but overall an enjoyable experience better suited for the youngins. The two bigger slides were nice, one for tubes one for those without. The lazy river was nice too. Could use more bigger slides though. Still would recommend, clean place and lots of attentive staff

Jessica Hanna Jessica Hanna
Shared publicly - July, 31
I’m not one to review negative comments however, this was absolutely the worst water park my family and I have ever been to. We took our two children and three of their friends, one of which had never been on water slides before. Lifeguard Clair yelled at the children, telling them they were not aloud to make noises going down the water slides - I’m not sure how that is even expected for children. My children were extremely upset so I politely spoke with Clair and explained all the children were enjoying the park and she was extremely rude and told me the children were making “noises” and “yelling” while riding the slides. Evidently, Clair was offended by my inquiry and spoke to Cody, who I assume was the manager. Cody, with much disrespect, proceeded to walk up to my husband and I, in front of all 5 children, telling us that children are not allowed to make noises on the slides. I calmly tried to explain they are children and that they are just trying to have fun - I also mentioned one child we brought had never been on a water slide before. He was extremely ignorant and unprofessional - again in front of the children. One of the lifeguards, I wish I had asked her name, apologize to us and mentioned the children weren’t out of line and just having fun - as they should. Next time, we will go back to Jolly Rodgers, where kids can enjoy being kids!

Charlene Conrad Charlene Conrad
Shared publicly - August, 9
Thunder lagoon water park has become a family favorite. Clean and well run! Look for their day 2 coupon, but you must buy your first visit and second visit at the same time. Any child 42" and taller (we had a five year old at that height) must pay full price; however, they loved being able to ride the BIG slides! You can pack your lunch and eat at one of their many, umbrellad tables.

carl weidemann carl weidemann
Shared publicly - May, 2
It was nice to try a different mini golf place. The course was fun and had some unique features. The best part was the go-carts! They were cheaper than the golf and was a fun little track.

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