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Twin Maples Mobile Home Park

Twin Maples Mobile Home Park

Address: 158 Maple Oaks Ln, Kenton, DE 19955, USA


City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Heather Virdin Seguin Heather Virdin Seguin
Shared publicly - October, 28
It is not keep up with very well, empty lots, and no where for children to play except in their yard......no play area. I didn't even notice the place with there out of date, worn out sign.n#workonquality

amber mckinney amber mckinney
Shared publicly - October, 16
Paying low rent the manager tries to keep it clean but the ppl that live in here are dirty and get mad when told about it ...community for older ppl to me because the kids have nothing to do but what do u expect when you live in a mobile home park overall I’m ok with it

Jo Bacolina Jo Bacolina
Shared publicly - August, 22

AloneLemming (Alonelemming) AloneLemming (Alonelemming)
Shared publicly - October, 7
nothing out there nor is there any privacy and the manager is controlling ud83dude21nedit: the whole park manager was threatening me over this comment on Sunday Oct 6 2019

Jeanette Tims (Onlydreams719) Jeanette Tims (Onlydreams719)
Shared publicly - April, 17
Poorly Managed, Harassing,Unprofessional and dishonest park manager. Poorly maintained lots and dirty.

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