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Tuckahoe Acres

Tuckahoe Acres

Address: 36031 Tuckahoe Trail, Dagsboro, DE 19939, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-539-1841

Website: http://www.tuckahoeacres.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Susan Harrison Susan Harrison
Shared publicly - July, 1
Beautiful family run campground with lots to do. Amazing sunsets and bay beach with water access. Marina right next door. Nicest campground around, great people and activities for all ages. Been here 15 years with so many great memories with my kids and friends. Perfect place to spend the Summer with kids!! 😀

Clay Harrison Clay Harrison
Shared publicly - May, 2
This family run campground has a good outside appearance but the inner workings are a bit off. You can be banned for virtually nothing. While they in force rules for some others can bend and break rules with no consequences. Alcohol and drug use is a nightly occurrence for teens in and around the entire campground. If the owner likes you you can basically do anything you want. But if they don’t you will be singled out and removed from the property. I spent over a dozen years there and whiteness this happened many times. Be careful if you choose this campground and watch your kids closely at night.

Shared publicly - August, 30
Everyone is very friendly and respectful. The property itself is well maintained. Always have a great time there!

D H4 D H4
Shared publicly - August, 30
I love coming here to crab and to walk around. But the boards on the pier or horrendous. This morning a piece of wood shut up through my shoe and punctured my left foot. I've complained about the boards before but no one seems to do anything about it. Someone's going to get hurt. You also need to have some signs for people to not let their kids run back and forth and run their hands along the rail. I know that's up to the parents but when the kids run back and forth and they fall and they slip that's could be prevented if there was a simple sign. Also you have to put up a no smoking sign before the pier and on the pier people need to understand it's not a safe place to smoke. It's a beautiful place I've been coming here for a while and crabbing and I really enjoy it everything is clean in the bathrooms and the lawn is very well maintained people are very friendly and I love it there. But the boards on the pier need to get addressed it would be nice. For such a nice area that Pier should not look so warm torn and tacky.

kehenitz kehenitz
Shared publicly - August, 30
I absolutely adore this campsite and can't thank my in-laws enough for letting me come to their trailer here. Some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Peaceful, quiet, and relaxing. Bay side access for smaller boats and jet skis. A real treat if you are able to get a space in tuckahoe acres. A perfect little vacation home away from home.

John Gainey John Gainey
Shared publicly - August, 30
This was our first stay at this camp ground and what a stay it was. This camp ground is the best camp ground we have ever stayed in. Very clean, manicured and well maintained. Staff and residents were very friendly and this is the first one ever, where a gas pump is available for residents and guest. What more can you ask for. If you want you and family to stay at a great camp ground, then this is the one for you.

Joseph Ninni Joseph Ninni
Shared publicly - August, 30
Extremely family oriented with staff that stay on top of any issues you may have. They take their time making sure things are clean and that the environment is safe for children at all times. One of the best places on the eastern shoreline if you have kids and like weekend entertainment. Hands down the easiest review I have ever written.

Iria Oriakhi Iria Oriakhi
Shared publicly - August, 30
We have a place here. Very nice...

Devin Howard Devin Howard
Shared publicly - July, 1
Nice campground. Paved streets and right on the bay.

Christopher Hamlin Christopher Hamlin
Shared publicly - August, 31
Relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, and just a great place to stay.

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