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Trek Bicycle Newark

Trek Bicycle Newark

Address: 212 E Main St, Newark, DE 19711, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-368-8779

Website: https://www.trekbikes.com/us/en_US/retail/newark/?y_source=1_MTM3ODM1MDctNzE1LWxvY2F0aW9uLndlYnNpdGU%3D

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Matt Comegys Matt Comegys
Shared publicly - June, 3
The products are great and always have been but the people are what bring me back. I worked with a young man named Alec (I believe). He was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and seemed truly intent on ensuring the bikes we purchased were a good fit. He asked plenty of questions to help narrow things down and I’m very appreciative. I will most certainly be back for any service needs and when it’s time to upgrade!! Thanks!!!!!

Chalon Lau Chalon Lau
Shared publicly - June, 3
Trek Bicycle Newark located on Main Street in central Newark, just blocks from the University of Delaware. Here you can buy many brands of bicycles and related accessories, and get their useful advice. For bike lovers, this is a great place.

Your Tech Connect Your Tech Connect
Shared publicly - March, 5
The first place willing to service the mechanical parts of an E-Bike north of the DE beach towns. After Steven explained their services and logistics, the wait time ended up being shorter than expected. This will be my go to location for all bike needs while in the area. @YourTechConnect

Brandon L Brandon L
Shared publicly - August, 2
I’ve been coming here since I picked up my Marlin 7 in 2018. The guys at the shop are always knowledgeable and professional. Shoutout to Steven for helping me switch my rig over to tubeless. He was awesome to work with. I will be upgrading to a new bike within the next year and will continue to give Trek my business. Thanks for all the help.

Shared publicly - May, 4
The service people I dealt with were professional and courteous. They reviewed what was needed to repair my bicycle. They offered additional services but did pressure me into purchasing them. The cost of the repairs was affordable and were completed within a acceptable amount of time. Overall, the experience was very positive.

Ron Axelson Ron Axelson
Shared publicly - August, 25
Everyone at the shop were super friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about bikes. I brought in an E-bike I had recently purchased and assembled, and after riding it, knew it needed adjustments. The bike tech found a brake rotor that had been damaged during shipment. They made repairs, replaced the rotor, and adjusted everything and the bike shifts and operates flawlessly now. Even as I was leaving, one of the techs noticed my seat wasn’t adjusted properly. He took the time to readjust it for me. Super Service for sure!!!

K Martin K Martin
Shared publicly - June, 3
I have to give tremendous credit to Derek at Trek bikes in Newark. He patiently explained the different ebikes and spend hours going over every detail of the bikes and accessories as well as helped me find the right rack for my truck. He was professional, knowledgeable, and just a really nice person. The whole process of purchasing new bikes and accessories was not stressful at all. Thank you so much!

Ann Burruss Ann Burruss
Shared publicly - August, 2
You can test ride a bike on the nearby Pomeroy Trail. They will order the size and color you want and you pay full price to secure it. Once delivered you have 30 day full refund policy - which is pretty great. I ordered a bike and can't wait until it arrives! I hope it's perfect, but if I don't love it I know I can return it.

Lars Gundlach Lars Gundlach
Shared publicly - June, 3
Terrible customer service! I just brought my one week old bike to their store today because of an issue with the front disc brake rotor (~$20). First they tried to talk me into that that's normal (its my 5th bike with hydraulic disc breaks) and then they said they can only check if a new rotor is available if I leave the bike with them. They were not willing to get the new rotor first and then let me bring in the bike to fix it. I bought the bike a month ago. I was promised to get it in a week but it took them a month to get it to their store. That can happen. Now they ask me to leave the bike for another potentially couple of weeks with them before they fix a tiny warranty issue. They will never see me again. Just a follow up because Trek posted a reply. Its true, the shop left a message that "guess what, we have a brake rotor in stock". My point is not that they didn't have the part. My point is that the guy argued with me 20 min trying to shoo me out of the store. First, he was claiming that the break is just fine and that the vibrations are normal, then he insisted that I have to leave the bike with them for an unknown period before they would even check if the rotor is available. He knew I couldn't do this. Its my commuter bike, I would have had to Uber home if I left the bike with them. Long story short, before they left the message I had already ordered a rotor on amazon (5 min) and I will put it in on the weekend (5 min). Much better deal than spending 30 min getting to the store and back and being treated as a fool for 20 min. BTW, this is not the first time they messed up. Again, they are not going to see me again.

Lisa Gonzon Lisa Gonzon
Shared publicly - August, 2
Went in with my teen to get a couple things to fix a bike. They did an excellent job explaining the different tires and equipment that would be helpful, and had everything readily available. We will definitely be back!

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