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Address: 303 Perimeter Center N Suite 300, Atlanta, GA 30346, USA


Website: https://www.traveldocs.com/

City: Georgia

Country: United States

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Mustafa Zain Mustafa Zain
Shared publicly - March, 15
I used travel docs for visa processing. Rob C at this location was very knowledgeable and very helpful. Made the whole process very easy and helped me get everything I needed. Also the Visa was ready one day in advance of the estimate. I highly recommend their service.nNote: They are located inside the Regus office.

Barbara Johnston Barbara Johnston
Shared publicly - February, 18
I was looking for a one stop operation to help me expedite my passport renewal. The first company I called (huge nationwide operation), couldn’t/wouldn’t do things like take the photo, provide the paperwork, etc., but the worst part was they wanted lots of money upfront, before I even entered their offices!!nThankfully my second call was to TDS. Oh my goodness, how nice it was to get the one on one service provided, and ALL aspects of the process taken care of there. I got my passport with time to spare, and am now waiting at my gate for my long awaited Cayman trip. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

mp mp
Shared publicly - April, 2
Very helpful. I wasn't sure I needed a visa, as the embassy info was not clear. TDS representative went to the embassy and confirmed the situation. Returned my PP the same day, and sent a quick refund of my original payment, since no visa was required. Very honest and reputable organization. I'd use them again in a heartbeat.

Rick Dowell Rick Dowell
Shared publicly - March, 7
I had questions about my wife’s passport, just now, and the gentleman was extremely helpful AND honest. He could’ve easily fed me a line in order for me to use his services but he explained that, at this time, it wasn’t really necessary. It’s not often...unfortunately...that you find folks that put service over revenue. It’s most appreciated. I can’t recommend them highly enough!!!

Amanda J Amanda J
Shared publicly - May, 19
The good part is that they delivered! I got my passport before the time that was promised. However, the way this works is totally different than what I expected which initially made the process frustrating. I thought this was an actual office where one can go pay their processing fees and hand deliver their information to an agent and ask any necessary questions. That is not how it works. the agent is hardly ever in the office and does not answer the phone. In order for me to know what I needed to do I had to call the Washington DC office and speak with someone there. This agent in DC was very helpful and informative and walked me through everything that I needed to do in order for them to process my passport documents. This can be a confusing process as most people don't apply for passports every day and have no idea what they're really supposed to do. Had it not been for me placing calls to the D.C. office, I would still probably be running around with no results. So my advice would be to call the D.C. office first!

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