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Tony's Bicycle Skatesboard Shp

Address: 1612 S Governors Ave, Dover, DE 19904, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-674-0477

Website: http://www.tonysbicycleshop.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Donna Marie Donna Marie
Shared publicly - February, 4
James is amazing! Have a nonprofit that gives gifts to children in foster care and this year the state asked us to provide bikes, but they had to be assembled. With 12 bikes in my garage ranging from tricycles to bmx and mountain bikes and 3 weeks until pickup I knew I needed help. Stopped by Tony's, explained my problem and James had every bike assembled perfectly before the deadline and even adjusted the ones my neighbors helped assemble to be sure they were perfect when the kids received them. James added toolkits free of charge for the older kids' bikes and helped me choose accessories for the younger ones. Can't say enough good things about my experience with James and Tony's bikes. Looking forward to many years of bringing joy to children in foster care with the help of James! Thank you James!

Thomas Leone Thomas Leone
Shared publicly - September, 2
Was treated like a shoplifter. Asked about certain bikes and made to feel like I was being rushed out. Has no place to try the bike and because of his stinginess wouldn’t let me sit on any of his bikes. Was second in line to look at his bikes and pushed third for a customer buying a seat. Was only him without any extra help . Had he even said hello to be instead of acting he was going to bite my head off I would have considered paying the 600 he wanted for a bike I liked. His loss...

Michael Underwood Michael Underwood
Shared publicly - September, 3
I needed to replace a worn tire that was the original that came on my bike. Online searches showed it was not a current model but was available on some sights. I called Tony's and asked if they had the specific make, model, and size for my bike and they said they had it. When I went to the store they had the make and size but not the model. I purchased a tire with a similar tread and the price was the same as what I found online. My issue is that I was told on the phone they had the exact tire I was looking for and when in fact they did not.

Matt Dixon Matt Dixon
Shared publicly - September, 2
Went in to get my bike fixed and they took care of it immediately. Same day service and price was good also. The kids said the bike even rides better than when we bought it new

Terrence E McKnight Terrence E McKnight
Shared publicly - September, 3
Have had several flats fixed on 2 bikes and a spoke replaced . Always honest about what’s needed. Good service, fair price and friendly recommendations. I will continue to patronize Tony’s.

elmar ashman elmar ashman
Shared publicly - September, 4
I thought I'd get an old road bike tuned up so I called around for prices, the employee on the phone wouldn't give me a price for a tune up! So I asked for a ballpark estimate, he wouldn't give a an estimate either! No problem I took it elsewhere. So now I have my tuned up bike and called them for pricing on clipless pedals, I called one guy and he vas very informative and friendly. I called back today, a day later and the 2 guys on the phone both told me basically that the guy was wrong and they wouldn't "FIT" my pedals, I could do it myself! So one again I went elsewhere. Thank you for yout help, I didn't know where to take my business and you guys have made it abundantly clear!

Rob Guillen Rob Guillen
Shared publicly - September, 5
Okay, I'm 48 and overweight and not the gnarly dude mountain biker or droopy-pantsed skateboarder that many shops like to see walk in the door, but I had hoped for a better reception than I got. My back, neck, and wrists can no longer deal with my road bike, so I wanted to look into recumbents. Tony's carries Sun products so I stopped in to check out what they have. When I told the guy I wanted to check out the recumbents, he just gave me a cold, clearly disgusted, stare for a full 3-4 seconds. Then he pointed to the two models on the floor and said that those were the only ones they had. He stood over me while I looked them over but offered no information or help. When I asked to test ride one, he gruffly told me "You lay it down or scratch it and you bought it." Trying to be friendly, I chuckled, and he glared at me and snapped, "I'm serious!" When I returned from the ride, I asked if they were able to order other Sun products and that I was interested in the aluminum frame version (which I knew that Sun had recently stopped making but hoped they might be able to still get one) and he, again in an annoyed manner, told me "They don't make them anymore." I made a comment about my trying to find someone who still had one in stock and he just stared at me. Don't waste your time here. Even if you have to drive up to Newark or Wilmington, you will be better off and will get treated right at all of the shops.

Kevin Lail Kevin Lail
Shared publicly - September, 4
Terrible customer service. My wife went in to look at a used youth road bike. They're asked too much for it. She made an offer, and they refused. He said they had $170 in it in parts and labor. He got really nasty when she asked him what parts were replaced. Terrible customer service.

Luis Gomez Luis Gomez
Shared publicly - September, 2
I didn't know what I was doing but he helped me get what I needed for my way of riding. He stopped me from buying a more expensive bike that I would've probably broken.

John Perry John Perry
Shared publicly - September, 2
I purchase the raleigh detour 2 on yesterday i am very please with my purchase thanks tony for your expertise & customer service will be back to get it service next year the best $600 dollars I spent in a very long time am definitely going to enjoy this investment to my health & well being.

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