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Tite Bar

Tite Bar

Address: 17035 Co Rd 234, Micanopy, FL 32667, USA


City: Florida

Country: United States

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Jurgs Jurgs
Shared publicly - January, 21
I definitely miss this place. Used to stop in to visit every week when i was on my way through. The girls were always very friendly. Wish I could get runs down to Florida again.

William Platt William Platt
Shared publicly - December, 16
Café Risqué is a strip club with awesome burgers! I had the bacon cheeseburger which seemed to take forever to arrive but was well worth the wait. They may have been trying to provide more opportunity to watch girls dance which is not bad but not great.nI was there long enough to see 5 of the dancers 2 of whom were good looking. 1 of the dancers was drop dead, spend all your money gorgeous. Another was not someone I would turn away. The other 3 I could have done without but some of the other guys there seemed to enjoy them.nAgain, the food is great and I would visit for that alone so long as one is not offended by strippers.

scratch scratch
Shared publicly - November, 23
Ive been here before and rather enjoyed my visit. However the absurdity of a building in which clothing and undergarments arent required but masks are is more than i am willing to accommodate.

Shared publicly - March, 18
Slow business tonight, but overall a good place to come for entertainment. The girls actually look pretty good and the food is good as well. Good vibes easy going environment. The lap dance from blue was really good highly recommended! The only downside is no touching or alcohol

Jennifer Marcela Catalan Lopez Jennifer Marcela Catalan Lopez
Shared publicly - January, 5
Nice calm place That hostess cherry is polite and friendly

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