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Thrifty Discount Liquor & Wines

Thrifty Discount Liquor & Wines

Address: 1450 Airline Dr, Bossier City, LA 71112, USA


Website: http://www.saveatthrifty.com/

City: Louisiana

Country: United States

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Jierra Jamison Jierra Jamison
Shared publicly - April, 2
Usually always has what you need in stock

Lea Johnson Lea Johnson
Shared publicly - March, 28
Horrible customer service I EVER received!!! Walked down to purchase a Red Bull and chips and the cashier (mind you have sold to me plenty of times, guess cause my hair was different she CLAIMED she doesn’t remember and I work right next door to them ) wait until I get ready to purchase my items which none involve alcoholic beverages for my id and proceeds to say that she couldn’t serve me and when I asked why didn’t she say anything when I first walked in if that was the case!! Just a friendly reminder you guys may want to update your employees on the correct and VALID info because it’s not illegal to sell me a energy drink and chips because I was NOT purchasing alcohol and I’m not a minor FYI !!!!

Claudia Colley Claudia Colley
Shared publicly - November, 14
Nice and helpful

Jacoby Stewart Jacoby Stewart
Shared publicly - January, 14
It was cold outside and my ears where clogged due to sinus problem so I didn’t hear the security guard as she was shouting at me while I was walking in the store, so I walked outside and asked her what she was saying. The security gaurd told me to take my hood before going into the store and I told her I would once I walked in and I guess that wasn’t good enough for her and the situation escalated as she had some guy not affiliated with the trying to set me straight. I walked in the store took my hood off and began to look for the liquor I wanted. The security gaurd then walks in and ask me if she could help me find something, I told her no thank you and she said,” alright Mr. Hater” further antagonizing me. The manger walks up and instead seeing what going on he asked me to leave and that he would call the cops, I was trying to explain the situation but he was not hearing anything I had to say. I felt as though I was being profiled as though she thought I was going to steal. I left and went to Kroger and bought all the liquor need for the birthday party I was attending. I will never shop at Thrifty again if this is how you treat your customers.

Brandon Baylot Brandon Baylot
Shared publicly - January, 14
well they sell alcohol.... but honestly love the customer service and the staff here is wonderful. Very helpful!

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