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They're Action Figures

They're Action Figures

Address: 51 Greentree Dr, Dover, DE 19904, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-603-3918

Website: http://theyreactionfigures.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Jamie Wyre Jamie Wyre
Shared publicly - March, 6
Absolutely amazing for all nerd needs. Owner is super nice and the workers will go above and beyond for anything that you ask for. I absolutely love stopping in, even if its to just say hi! 10/10 highly recommended spot!!

Lowell Jackson Lowell Jackson
Shared publicly - June, 4
First visit was to window shop a bit. Second visit on free comic book day was amazing! The atmosphere and staff were amazing and extremely helpful. I wish I had a place like this when I was a kid!

Scott LaScala Scott LaScala
Shared publicly - June, 4
Very impressed with this place. I'm originally from Dover, but live in Florida now. While up visiting, we decided to take a look while we were waiting for our food from a nearby restaurant. Wow...lots of inventory with a mix of old and new stuff! Of course I had to take some stuff home. Good pricing made it well worth the visit!

April Iverson April Iverson
Shared publicly - July, 4
Absolutely awesome store! I've been collecting since I was 10, I'm now 38 and now my 10 year old son is a collector! We always leave with something and additional knowledge. This place has given my son and I something to enjoy together ❤️ Thanks guys, always a pleasure and keep up the professionalism, that goes far!

Eastern Shore Screen Printing Eastern Shore Screen Printing
Shared publicly - May, 5
The owner and staff are incredibly knowledgeable about everything they have going on in the store, which is more than one person can take in on one visit. The store is always clean and organized with the biggest selection of action figures and pops in the state. If you're ever in Delaware, stop into this gem of a store!

Cheyenne Doe Cheyenne Doe
Shared publicly - March, 6
If I could give this place ten stars I would! They have so much stuff in stock! It’s clean and smells amazing. The one worker there is super nice and the owner is always fair! They always give the best prices and I would definitely take my children here! The best!

Jessica Bowen Jessica Bowen
Shared publicly - January, 5
Love coming in here, usually leave with at least 1 item every time. Big collection of Pops and if you’re into old comics and action figures they have a lot of that too. Won’t shop at corporations anymore for always stopping here first. Super clean store and nice layout. Always friendly when we come in. Never had a bad experience.

John Gosch John Gosch
Shared publicly - March, 6
If I could give zero stars I would. The store is in awful condition, nothing is in stock, and the workers are plan rude. When turning in over several comics they will low ball you and tell you they're worthless. They will offer you the lowest amount possible for anything you bring them and laugh in your face when you ask for anything above what they said they'll pay. The owner has a small group of pals who he will focus on while in the middle of helping you. This place is where comics go to die. If you are ever thinking of going to this place DON'T THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF

Fabian Sanchez Fabian Sanchez
Shared publicly - August, 3
Best place around. Friendly and fun

Domonique Caldwell Domonique Caldwell
Shared publicly - January, 5
My two sons love this store. We came across it one day while going to UPS, and I’ve had to take them at least twice a week lol. It’s awesome and Walt and the rest of the employees are very polite courteous and on top of their action figure game🤗

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