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Theatre N at Nemours

Theatre N at Nemours

Address: 1007 N Orange St, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-600-1923

Website: https://theatren.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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J Johns J Johns
Shared publicly - August, 2
Theatre N is a hidden gem. Excellent selection of indie & foreign films and great concerts featuring local musicians. Art house cinema at its best.

Jay Lynch Jay Lynch
Shared publicly - February, 3
Delaware is not known for its art culture and its offerings are limited. I usually go to Philly for its wide assortment of arts, culture and entertainment, especially art films. Theatre N is a diamond in the rough for DE. Located in Wilmington, it has first-run independent films every weekend showing on a new digital projection and sound system. It also has a liquor license for those interested. If you’re looking for indie films, but don’t want to drive to Philly, give Theatre N a visit.

Jim Clevenger Jim Clevenger
Shared publicly - September, 2
The first live show at the N Theatre at Nemours in...ever...forever! Anyway, awesome to see live music in this venue!!! Strong start with Earth Radio! Looking forward to one my local favorites Hoochi Coochi up next. And the the Bad Larry’s last up and I’m excited to listen them too!

Richard Pethel Richard Pethel
Shared publicly - September, 2
Classic theatre experience. Location is a little odd, but worth the search. Great independant films and Rocky Horror Picture Show twice a month

Em Em
Shared publicly - September, 2
This theatre is the absolute best. Their staff act like family, and the atmosphere is phenomenal. It’s in the heart of Wilmington, making it convenient to those who live there and even those taking a train from other cities. I absolutely adore this theatre. If you’re looking through this, you should absolutely consider seeing The Rocky Horror Picture show with Frankie’s Midnight Runners, every first and third Saturday. ❤️❤️

Sima Toler Sima Toler
Shared publicly - September, 2
The theater is lovely and the staff here is very kind and helpful. I always love coming to shows here, and I am always greeted with smiles by the people at the desk in the lobby, the person selling tickets, and especially the concession staff!! They also have late night showings of Rocky Horror picture show on the first and third saturday each month and the cast is incredible!! Check them out if you ever get a chance!!

Maureen Haislett Maureen Haislett
Shared publicly - November, 5
Best theatre ever..good price, good choices for entertainment, friendly staff Consistently providing good entertainment for a good price. Concession stand has very reasonable prices and adequate selections.

Shared publicly - September, 2
Great selection of showings considering there is only one theater. I wished there were better signs to help us find it, but once we found someone to ask, we were fine. Free parking outside, wine and beer available in the theater. Limited snack selection, but that is fine by me. The staff (volunteers I believe) were very friendly and even brought fresh popcorn to us at our seat because a fresh batch was being made when we ordered.

sh4rkbyt3 sh4rkbyt3
Shared publicly - September, 1
Really good acoustics here and nice stage. I've seen many local bands here and have never been disappointed. Smaller then The Queen venue in Wilmington but all the amenities and great comfortable seats!!!

hogwartsteacherspet hogwartsteacherspet
Shared publicly - September, 1
I love this place. They have put on 2 live productions here now and they were both spectacular! And a great price! It's usually a movie theater though, but an art theater, so you'll always have a unique experience!

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