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The Home Depot

Address: 801 N Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-735-8864

Website: https://www.homedepot.com/l/Dover-DE/DE/Dover/19901/1608

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Jessica D Jessica D
Shared publicly - August, 12
Customer service is definitely a priority at the dover location. We appreciated every one who helped us out with questions. But thing is, the team made it look easy, they were all naturally friendly, and helpful. Also knowledgeable. One gentleman In particular helped us with lawn mowers, edgers and pole saws. His insight helped us a great deal. I wish I got his name. You can see management allows team to be their self and encourages a happy culture.

Jessie West Jessie West
Shared publicly - July, 4
Imagine getting an appliance delivered. Place it in the garage. Waiting 2 1/2 weeks later for the installation “team” to install your appliance. Finding out at that time that they REFUSE to install it. Calling Home Depot store where I purchase the appliance, then find out that the store REFUSE to accept the appliance. What type of company sends out two different teams to get an appliance install and then refusing return because THEY refuse to install it? They have lost a customer for life! Spoke to two different managers, several associates, and Home Depot company, they are still refusing to accept their new appliance and still refusing to install it.

Kwegi 2 Kwegi 2
Shared publicly - July, 4
The sales associate Miss Ann at the Dover store was very helpful, kind and nice. She went above and beyond to get me a great price for the appliances that I needed. Thanks miss Ann.

Shared publicly - June, 4
Most recently I visited this location, needed help with my lawn.. these guys know their stuff.. if you can tell them what type of grass you got, they will get you what you need. And they know lawns.. no "I think you should try".. they tell you what you need.. if you don't know what the 3 numbers on the seeding means.. they do!

Taj Ann Taj Ann
Shared publicly - September, 2
They are the absolute worst. I would never buy anything from here again. We waited 2 hours for a curbside pickup order on 6/10/21. We had two separate orders with DIFFERENT order numbers. Two totally different doors. We were only picking up 1 door at this time. They brought the door out on a pallet wrapped up. We never signed a thing nor were we asked. Once we got home and unwrapped the door, we noticed that it was the wrong door yet our email reflected a pickup for the correct door. I immediately called customer service, spoke with a rep by the name of Tricia and was told to bring the door back. WHAT? Why would I bring a door back when your staff internally dropped the ball? I was given a wrong order. I’ve already been inconvenienced twice over. I asked that they send someone to pickup the incorrect door and deliver my correct door. I was told repeatedly that they could not do this and that they could only cancel it and I would need to reorder and wait the 3-6 weeks for a new shipment. That makes no sense. So you can’t send the same person who is coming to pick up the incorrect door to bring my door that I supposedly already picked up? Perhaps another local dispatch company that your store contracts with since after all this was your mistake? NOPE. I spoke with a customer service supervisor by the name of Faith who TOLD me that I signed something and once you sign off on paperwork that the item is correct it is your own risk. How are you going to tell me that I signed something when I told you I did not? Do you think I wanted the wrong door? I told them cancel it all. I don’t want anything from this company. Maybe they are forging signatures at this store being that they have a hard time fulfilling curbside pickup orders timely and competently from the looks of the past few reviews I’ve read. It took 4-5 more calls with home depot customer service to get this issue straightened out along with my refund. Apparently the supervisor Faith had never put in a case for the door to be picked up as she stated she would. I was told to allow 4-7 business days for contact from dispatch since their crew was backed up. I gave them time and waited until 6/21 to call back customer service. On that day I spoke with a rep by the name of Melissa who confirmed that no case had been created. Fortunately, this rep was very competent enough to rectify the issue for me. The door was picked up on 6/24. I just got off the phone with another rep today by the name of Heaven. A month later and I’m still trying to straighten out the last refund for the door that I had never received. She called the store to get some answers. Now the Home Depot online order confirmation emails say that they will hold your items for 7 days unless you call and work out another arrangement. So if you do not pick your order up in 7 days that would imply that someone in the store with be going through the 7 or 8 day list inventory and processing those back as returns. I would surely think those working in curbside and online orders in the physical store eventually have to review the inventory for put-backs and ask themselves: If something is marked off in the system as picked up, WHY IS IT STILL HERE?! Maybe this is something that requires further investigation. But Why would I expect such logic? Being that I never received the door, it technically should still be there waiting for pickup because as far as their system knows, it was picked up already, so it wouldn’t be going back to the supplier as a return or into the store. Apparently nobody noticed this or caught this error. They were clueless about their mistake. Never again. To Lowe’s I will go.

Stacie Sard Stacie Sard
Shared publicly - June, 4
My husband and I had the worst experience with the Delaware Home Depot. First, our order came in late. When it did come in they told us it should be ready by afternoon if not definitely by closing. Come to find out the order was never even touched. The next day I called to figure out what was going on and we were told our order was left at the elkton branch. After lots of back and forth come to find out the order was actually in Dover and ready. We drove all the way to dover to pick the order up. Once we were at the pickup desk they told us our order would be outside in 10 minutes. We got the few items we needed and went out to pick our order up. One of the employees dropped our order off and left knowing it was too heavy to lift without a machine. My husband smashed his fingers and could barely breathe trying to lift everything on his own. We will not be returning.

Mary Duncan Mary Duncan
Shared publicly - August, 3
Worst experience ever will be giving my business fully to Lowe's. Went in to get a tool they have no one to work in the department to help You. And when you find someone they say they will get someone there and you never hear from nobody Was in store for an hour and came out with nothing.

Isabell Lepage Isabell Lepage
Shared publicly - August, 3
Was able to buy battery chainsaw for my Dad it's very light and cut the small tree branches with no problem. Bye bye mixing gas & oil and pulling the old cords

Denny and Lacey Echard Denny and Lacey Echard
Shared publicly - August, 3
This review will be adjusted if Home Depot takes responsibility here and does the right thing. My husband and I owned a home remodeling business and bought two Anderson 400 series double hung windows for a customer. A complete bathroom and bedroom remodel job we are doing right now. We installed the windows completely and then see the window's trim aren't lining up and are different. We look closer and one window was manufactured in 2013! And the other in 2021. How in the world is there a window in stock from 2013?! Now we are behind an entire day to drive back to Dover from the job site in Denton, un-install the wrong window from 2013, reinstall the new one. Home depot just says they will exchange the wrong window for a new one! What? No refund, no credit for the time wasted, the customer not happy and gas to keep going to Dover and back to Denton when we bought two windows, the same windows but one is from 2013 so it is not the same... This is going to corporate.

Andrew Stombaugh Andrew Stombaugh
Shared publicly - April, 5
Twice now I've ordered something from them and twice I've gotten broken products. The first one was boxed up but it looks like it was used as a punching bag and yet they still gave it to us. Most recently were downspout runoffs that we got curbside pickup for. Waited 20 minutes for them to bring them out and they were both split down the middle. How did the employee carrying them NOT NOTICE them obviously being broken? So we had to wait for them to go get new ones. Ever wonder why the Camden and Dover Lowes are always packed? It's because this store is awful.

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