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Tabu Social Club

Tabu Social Club

Address: 1115 Rolling Rd., Catonsville, MD 21228, USA


Website: http://www.tabulife.com/

City: Maryland

Country: United States

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Wade Kellar Wade Kellar
Shared publicly - February, 14
Club was pretty nice , door lady was rude as can be towards this white male. Continually made rude comments toward me as we checked in then tried to aggravate me by telling my wife the membership stays with the lady , regardless of how long we have been married and we were five hours from home....just seemed a bit biased , not sure if it was because of my skin color or my gender ! Either way, we will never return , I got the message she was sending

Nadine Kahla Nadine Kahla
Shared publicly - July, 14
Nice people, nice and well organized club. Maybe it was the night we attended, it was pretty mild. Kudos to the staff- they were great. Only complaints are the cost- super expensive compared to the West Coast, and we thought it was strange how often the DJ used an airhorn during the music.

B Davis B Davis
Shared publicly - March, 31
My wife and I visited this establishment for the first time last night. The staff and people attending the event were very helpful and friendly. The place was clean and very upscale in comparison to other clubs we've visited. We enjoyed the experience so much this is now our goto place. We both found it exhilarating!

B. Thomas B. Thomas
Shared publicly - February, 3
First time attending the club and had a blast!!! Will be back for sure

Lynn Lavailas Lynn Lavailas
Shared publicly - July, 5
I love the experience overall. I’ve been a member for a longggg time & I must say it’s changed. Was much better back in the day. When I first started going everyone mingled with everyone...now it’s cliques that more or less keep to themselves.nnEven the owner Vicki is NOT friendly or welcoming. It now seems more like a place that is concerned more about the revenue!nnThey still have contest, but I had conversations with a few members that won prizes or trips and gave yet to get ANY information regarding vouchers. It’s been almost a year now we won & still NOTHING. We talked to other members that won a contest for a vacation as well a few months ago & have not received anything & they also shared when they reached out to Vicki regarding age was NASTY and did not want to be bothered! We feel if their going to advertise something they should honor that.nnPeople come and I’m sure have an ok experience but they don’t know the old Tabu. We have actually been researching to find other places like this in the area to visit, because coming here now is just not the same!!!! If we’re going to spend the amount of money as we do...could least have a better experience...

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