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Sun Valley Cinema

Sun Valley Cinema

Address: 704 Cooper Estates Dr, Mountain Home, AR 72653, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 870-425-3900

Website: http://www.sunvalleycinema.com/

City: Arkansas

Country: United States

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Emo Enchantress Emo Enchantress
Shared publicly - August, 15
Would give no stars if I could. I'm not sure how other reviews are saying this place is clean. Most disgusting theater I've been to and I've lived in at least 5 different states not including cities. I used to work at cinema Cafe in Virginia. This theater was horribly disgusting. We thought the clean up crew just had not been by but sadly the manager said they had been! We didn't stay- for the sake of our family's health. We are amid a pandemic and now is not the time to skimp on cleaning. Manager told us they basically don't ever thoroughly clean theaters. Says there isn't time. Yet our tickets and seats were givin to us an hour before showtime... um..? We left and drove an hour to the next theater. I guess if your low on gas and desperation to see a movie in theaters overrides your wish to stay healthy then this is the theater for you! Should probably bring a tarp to cover your seating area. Just to be safe. Oh. Wait Safety isn't a concern anymore anyways if you go here. Guess your good then! We won't be back. 😅✌️

Pat Rush Pat Rush
Shared publicly - July, 16
We don't often go to movies, but just couldn't resist seeing ELVIS. We don't really care for many of the movies offered. Found staff to be friendly and theater clean. Great low price for seniors. We will go again when there is a movie we want to see.

Catherine Dean Catherine Dean
Shared publicly - August, 15
Seems to be the only theatre in mountain home. All current movies playing. Many showtimes through the day and night. Parking lot was full. Concession stand had many options, refills on xlarge popcorn plus two drinks incur a one-time fifty-cent charge. You are not able to control your own butter or salt at a station. Flavor shakes are sold behind counter for about a dollar fifty. Staff was friendly and helpful. Im sure the nickle and dime upcharges are result of pandemic shutdowns. Nevertheless, theatre we were in was small but comfortable seating. Decent sound. Smaller screen. Enjoyed the movie and will go again.

Jill Easton Jill Easton
Shared publicly - July, 16
Clean outside and in. Parking lot well maintained, lobby neat, plenty of bathrooms. The theaters have good, if slightly too loud sound, screens are in good shape, the seats are on risers and go back and the crew cleans between shows. Popcorn, snacks and drinks somewhat pricy, but that's every movie theater. I am SOOOO GLAD one of Mountain Homes's theaters survived the pandemic.

Sony Sony
Shared publicly - July, 16
Friendly staff, nice theaters, good variety of movies, so why 3 stars? Garbage on the floor and under the seats. Thought maybe it was a fluke, but same thing on another visit. If trash cans are installed in each theater, I think/hope most patrons would use them. I wear old shoes because they end up all sticky from spilled soda. Great theater if it is cleaned up.

Gregory Johnston Gregory Johnston
Shared publicly - July, 16
Me & the wifers actually got time to have a date night. First time we been to the movies in years. We seen top gun. Place was clean, friendly and we had a good time. She wouldn't make out with me like we was 16 thou, 🤣🤣🤣

Codi Vansickle Codi Vansickle
Shared publicly - August, 24
Went to see Dragon Ball Super Super Hero here, and like all the other experiences with the theatre it was good. HOWEVER, please work on marketing anime films!!! A printed piece of paper of the movie in the poster slot shows me low support for anime films, please recognize millions of people love anime, and are paying to see these films!!! Thank you.

Jay Jay
Shared publicly - September, 7
It’s 2022, time to accept debit/credit cards like everywhere else. And if your ATM isn’t working for 3 customers in a row, don’t just keep telling your customers it’s their fault and their pushing something wrong instead of escalating the issue and getting it fixed.

Sarah Lowe Sarah Lowe
Shared publicly - August, 15
Movie theater very dirty. Trash under all the seats. You could hear your shoes sticking to the floor when you walked. Felt like I needed to take a shower after watching the movie.

David Bandy David Bandy
Shared publicly - August, 15
It is not the newest theater or is it always the tidiest, but it is a great place to watch the latest movies 🎥 at still a great price!

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