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Stuttgart Twin Cinema

Stuttgart Twin Cinema

Address: 806 W 22nd St F, Stuttgart, AR 72160, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 870-673-4327

Website: http://www.stuttgarttwincinema.com/

City: Arkansas

Country: United States

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Madison bouscher Madison bouscher
Shared publicly - September, 14
Staff was rude. Was short $2 cash so instead of letting me use $2 off my card me and my 3 children (5 and under) had to go back home instead of there paw patrol movie

Skyler Marie Skyler Marie
Shared publicly - September, 14
We always have fun here. I hate more people don't give this place a chance and support small buisness instead of running to little Rock. The lady that runs this place is so sweet! The seating may not be as cozy as little Rock but the customer service is awesome

Sherry Young Sherry Young
Shared publicly - September, 15
Not bad for a small town theater, but if you're under 6 feet tall, you're probably not going to be able to see over the seat in front of you. The screen has annoying distortions, too, and has for many years. The seats in the back two rows are not as broken down as the good seats, and offer the better viewing experience for those in the 5'5 height range.

Christine Woodliff Christine Woodliff
Shared publicly - September, 15
Older theater hidden in a center across from a restaurant, wouldn't have even known it was there if I hadn't of walked inside to look. The parking lot was awful, full if pot holes and uneven pavement. Seats in theater were too high, know matter where you sat, the lower part of the screen couldn't be seen without sitting straight throughout the whole movie. The seating does not cascade up, like in most theaters. When I was at concessions, they had on the food choices board 2 popcorn and soda deals, the one I had asked for, I was told no longer applied and that it was that way for a while now. I could only get the other deal. I was too tired to go to another theater otherwise I would have just left after hearing that...false advertising! The only thing that saved this theater was the movie itself. For the trouble of finding it, the outdated seating, the false advertising, I'm not sure why the ticket cost was so high?

Alex Chbib Alex Chbib
Shared publicly - April, 17
Need more staff... but overall good little place

Angela Hopson Angela Hopson
Shared publicly - September, 15
Comfortable seats, standard popcorn and nachos and candy snack bar. It is the same price as the big chain theaters but is handy for a spur of the moment entertainment. Clean and cool.

Matthew Snyder Matthew Snyder
Shared publicly - September, 15
Just left a showing here for The Last Jedi. They paused the movie three times because someone was parked illegally and was getting towed even though it wasn't parked on their property and it wasn't the theater that called the tow truck, it was another business complaining. Next time, just let them tow the car and don't ruin the biggest movie of the year for the whole audience.

James Lanham James Lanham
Shared publicly - September, 15
Friendly staff,comfortable seats,clean,3D capable theater,although the food/candy and drinks were high so is it at other theaters all over the contry..

Mary Pickett Mary Pickett
Shared publicly - September, 15
It was safe,empty,quite with no mess. And I enjoyed the movie. Prices r a little high but they have to make money to stay open.

erika hughes erika hughes
Shared publicly - September, 15
Could be better, used to have movies in 3D but hardly ever do now, and didn't turn light on low until 20 mins into the movie

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