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Southwest Middle School

Southwest Middle School

Address: 451 Eldron Blvd SE, Palm Bay, FL 32909, USA


Website: https://www.brevardschools.org/SouthwestMS

City: Florida

Country: United States

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kayla roder kayla roder
Shared publicly - May, 28
i just finished 8th grade and i have to say that when it comes to bullying or when you go to report something they make you write a statement report and they don’t do anything but talk to the other person to “not do it again.” a lot of people in this school are mean and rude and especially very judge mental. i do not recommend this school and i wish middle school was more fun. the only thing that isn’t bad is their food. some teachers are nice and some teachers like to fail you because you’re not “the favorite.” and the dress code is rediculous. “no shoulders aloud at the great southwest” seriously? but then your aloud to wear shirts that literally show your shoulders. it doesn’t make sense especially when it comes to ripped jeans. ud83dude44. do. not. send. your. child. to. southwest. middle. school.!!!

AfterMath -MixxTapes AfterMath -MixxTapes
Shared publicly - June, 28
Teachers are good and all (Well some aren't) but this school is messed up. The things i hear and see is disgusting. From the feedback, i can back every single one of the complaints with evidence. The amount of fights are wild, and it just gets more messed up. Girls getting into pregnancy this early? I can leave it here. Im giving this 2 stars because the only positive thing about this school is that the food is pretty good.

Laci Hill Laci Hill
Shared publicly - June, 30
I switched to southwest a couple of months before summer break and almost failed due to absences bc the person who does registration told my mother she couldn’t enroll me when my mom called the school board and they said she could so things where already to a bad start the first thing I noticed when I got to my first ever class at the “great southwest” was some of the people there where incredibly fake my second day I got there people came up to me and asked me if I was a lesbian bc someone had started the rumor AND ONE OF THE TEACHERS KNEW ABOUT IT AND DIDNT DO ANYTHING she just let the other girls whisper lies about me around her desk as she laughed with them but when you find the couple of people you can trust they become your family and they will be there no matter what it sucks at this school but at least you have a few diamonds in the bowl of leeches

SiameseCat0828 SiameseCat0828
Shared publicly - October, 11
Best middle school ever.nMrs Hobson, keep up the amazing/great work! ☺

Shay Evans Shay Evans
Shared publicly - March, 20
I guarantee all of you, this is the best school your child will ever go to. I used to go to Odyssey, but it wasn't as good as Southwest. Over here, they really take the time to get to know you and the teachers actually help you instead of ignoring you the entire time. Come join the Bronco family, everyone!

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