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Southern Delaware Medical Group

Southern Delaware Medical Group

Address: 119 Neurology Way, Milford, DE 19963, USA


Website: http://www.southerndelawaremedicalgroup.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Mark Mowery Mark Mowery
Shared publicly - January, 22
I was a long time patient who just got weeded out of the patient list because I fall into the category of disabled, poor, or sensible enough to not pay for a VIP doctor. I can’t afford the new $1800 a year privilege fee. I was led to a room by Dr.Hammer after I was given hope that the money man had some magic answer for me to keep him as my doctor. It was a farce. He just wanted money, he has no answers and actually said he didn't know why I was sent in there. I really didn't need the extra humiliation. As I left I had papers shoved at me and the window closed in my face without a word. The front office staff is absolutely horrible, always was. But I thought of my doctor as a friend.nnBottom line they left 6400 patients without a doctor... I don’t care what the reason is... there were better options opposed to letting corporate greed take over. Zero compassion in that and they have successfully ruined my faith in doctors for the last time. But hey I understand... cutting your workload by 90% and making a privilege fee of over a million dollars annually before anything medical happens is hard to pass up.

miguel cornman miguel cornman
Shared publicly - March, 11

kavita patel kavita patel
Shared publicly - October, 23

Jackson Byrd Jackson Byrd
Shared publicly - November, 16

Liam Rowswell Liam Rowswell
Shared publicly - January, 14

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