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South Miami Station

South Miami Station

Address: 5949 Sunset Drive South, Miami, FL 33143, USA


City: Florida

Country: United States

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Leonardo Canton Leonardo Canton
Shared publicly - March, 2
Because there's a train that takes you where ever you're looking for and safer to ride.

Phil Hong Phil Hong
Shared publicly - April, 28
Nothing against the staion itselfuff0cit's a nice site. However, the entire metro system is a failure. Thr train often stop half way on the rail somehow. Sometimes you gotta wait pretty much 30 mins for a train. Also the interior of the train is messed up, the seats and ground are pretty dirty.

gursevak singh gursevak singh
Shared publicly - June, 15
90 kids.80's baby

Shared publicly - May, 10
Clean and safe station..!

Josh Lambert Josh Lambert
Shared publicly - April, 17
Easy to use, not crowded, clean. Quite, I like it

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