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Sophia Spa

Sophia Spa

Address: 1101 S Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-358-8841

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Lakshman Singh Rathod Lakshman Singh Rathod
Shared publicly - August, 12
Excellent massage. Very nice, outgoing therapist.

Joel Valencia Joel Valencia
Shared publicly - August, 5
It was good, a little seedy but good massage...

Tony Blane Tony Blane
Shared publicly - July, 4
Trust me go somewhere else if you go here you would of already wasted your money before you realize you wasted your time and now you regret it and should of went somewhere else in the first place.

Robert Richards Robert Richards
Shared publicly - January, 5
I go here and the girl not even do 30 minute massage I pay for.... will not go again... plus I give her good tip. Very bad service

Abdullah Albloushi Abdullah Albloushi
Shared publicly - August, 3
Awesome place felt good

Shared publicly - September, 3
Just wanna get some relax after a football game. Quiet but nice warm environment. Paid $50 for an hour and I got a period that I entered into fairyland. What I should say is this is a real massage. As I known that there're too many fake Asian massage around which I experienced and really upset me. This is really a different one. Every minute that staff did very strictly and made me enjoy every minute during service. After an hour's service, I felt both my muscle and my mind get real relax. To emphasize again, here is that which we called real Asian massage. I just like that staff called Asian stone. Interesting but useful for my muscle. Got some candy and water outside shop, a super restful sleep that night.

Chenxi Le Chenxi Le
Shared publicly - September, 3
Very clear .beautiful asian girl . Looks very young and passian.. soft touch my body .is amazing .... is cute girl . High heels and short hot jeans crop top... color hair ... the girl is faddish.... full body massage and give me free table shower ... use alot oil ..real aroma massage ...parking very easy front and behide ... ... ... and free drinking cold coke..when i leave .. she give me sweet hug .kiss my face .. waw ... nice service .. asian girl is very friendly .

Chenxi Li Chenxi Li
Shared publicly - September, 3
Nice massage . Is clear place ‘ young lady’s . Everybody friendly.. I got table shower ..90 mins massage.. . Is professional and hot massage. Prostatic massage . treatment it ... comfortable experience..I will come back this place .. but I live far away . .. that’s problem...I been to a lot spa place .. some place is messy and dirty .speak up , bad manners,.so I recommend this place ..

Don Green Don Green
Shared publicly - September, 3
Don't go I went and I am still trying to figure out what type of place it really is. The massage was horrible. Note to self when a massage place is open until 11:30PM I would definitely think twice and not go.

katelyn nichole katelyn nichole
Shared publicly - January, 5
Great massage!! I'll definitely be back

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