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Snake World

Address: 3380 US-62, Berryville, AR 72616, United States


Website: https://www.facebook.com/Rattler2017/

City: Arkansas

Country: United States

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Alan Crawford Alan Crawford
Shared publicly - July, 14
This is a small business ran by an older couple who seem to be experiencing health struggles. Please consider that when reading reviews regarding their schedule and condition of the facility. My family's experiences were wonderful. Very informative, excellent guide, many of the snakes were tolerant of handling . A good number of species - large and small, common and some exotic. If you appreciate reptiles and people who are dedicated to educating others about them, you'll enjoy your time here.

Meredith Smith Meredith Smith
Shared publicly - September, 12
My son loves and is mesmerized by snakes, therefore he LoVeD this place! Pretty sure he enjoyed it more than Disney World and Universal Studios BOTH. The lady who gave the tour was very educated on reptiles and you had a great love for animals. My son did not want to leave! Lol

Flavin Phillips Flavin Phillips
Shared publicly - March, 16
What a little treasure. Melina is very knowledgeable, she takes her time giving you a personal tour. You can even hold the snakes. I hated snakes before I came here. A real gem. Great for kids, great for anyone!

Jennifer Stanley Jennifer Stanley
Shared publicly - April, 15
Web site says open. Called and not open for another hour. Was really looking forward to the fun, I love snakes. Sorry I missed them. Advice, change your open time on Google.

Zachary Pederson Zachary Pederson
Shared publicly - September, 12
I visited with my wife and I gotta say, its family friendly, they have a nice collection (about 30+) of snakes. The lady we had showing us was the sweetest lady ever! We got to hold and learn about them, which was a big plus. If you ever get the chance and you love reptiles, this is the place. A lot of different colors and patterns and history with the snakes. 10/10 would definitely recommend!!

Sarah Soderling Sarah Soderling
Shared publicly - September, 12
My husband and I happened on this place while we were driving through to look at some property, and we are SO glad we stopped. Melina and Dale clearly love their animals. We had a blast visiting with them and learning everything they could teach us. Can't wait to go back with the kids!

John Gaunt John Gaunt
Shared publicly - September, 12
Snakes large and small from the US and elsewhere. Far more personal and up-close than the reptile house in a zoo. Worth a stop if you are travelling to or from Eureka Springs. The outside of Snake World has seen better days, but you can visit Eureka Springs or Branson for flashy, showy experiences.

Mickey H Mickey H
Shared publicly - September, 12
I adore this place. The owners are extremely passionate and take such good care of their snakes. They are filled with information. I would recommend it to anyone. The prices are great. I will be returning every chance I have.

Casey Attaway Casey Attaway
Shared publicly - August, 13
Very intimate setting, knowledgeable staff, lots of snakes. What's not to love?

Brigitte Barton Brigitte Barton
Shared publicly - September, 12
My granddaughter loved this place. The snake guide was super informative. She lets you hold any nonvenomous snakes you want to hold. She was super nice.

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