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Smiley Elementary School

Smiley Elementary School

Address: 1530 GA-57, Ludowici, GA 31316, USA


Website: https://www.longcountyps.com/

City: Georgia

Country: United States

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Nikki I Nikki I
Shared publicly - September, 11
Ms. Long had made me feel comfortable leaving my son with her on his first day. She seems to care and willing to help my son. Smiley has a great staff in the office and I appreciate the level of ensuring my son and all student's are in a safe environment. But this is just the first hand observation. I'm hopeful thoud83dude07ud83dude07ud83dude07

Spooky Toast Spooky Toast
Shared publicly - February, 26
I used to go here.. 2nd-3rd grade. Now this school better be doing well nowadays, because heck :)

Sara Abduljalil Sara Abduljalil
Shared publicly - October, 10
The school is great , and all the staff over there are helpful ,the teachers my daughter had they were so nice and wonderful from kindergarten to second grade, really I loved the school and I was so comfortable my daughter there.

Nagat Husain Nagat Husain
Shared publicly - May, 20

Liam Rowswell Liam Rowswell
Shared publicly - July, 12

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