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Skylight Cinema

Skylight Cinema

Address: 350 SW A St, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 479-367-7629

Website: http://www.skylightcinemas.com/

City: Arkansas

Country: United States

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Cassey Henson Cassey Henson
Shared publicly - June, 15
My husband and I love this place every time we go. We love to spend an hour at the bar before our movie. The bartenders are super nice and a lot of fun. The drinks and food are really good as well. It's all in all a really neat place. The seats recline and have their own trays and wait staff come by and take your drinks and food orders during the show. It's always the perfect low key date night.

Whitney Honeycutt Whitney Honeycutt
Shared publicly - December, 17
So much amazing food to choose from! Sound was absolutely amazing & the screens were huge with extremely comfortable recliners in screen 1 & 2. Loved it, we will be back in a few weeks!

Gavin Gavin
Shared publicly - July, 15
🍔 was excellent. I was pleasantly surprised that the Belly Burger was good enough to make my top tasty burgers list. The flavors were spot on. Our other orders were great too, like the 🥣 Bowl Me Over. I was happy that they bring everything before the movie starts, that is awesome! The food was so good that we'd like to just eat there sometimes. The theatre is cozy with comfortable chairs but they're not adjustable. We were also happy with our server, who was kind and helpful.

Billy Bo Billy Bo
Shared publicly - July, 15
Chose my seat online and reserved it. Nice place. Friendly staff. They have a menu and will serve you, at your seat. They do have an adult beverage menu as well. The seats recline a little and are comfortable, but be careful when sitting, the seat will kind of swallow you. Each seat has it's own tray with cup holder on a swivel for easy exit. The aisles between the seats are wide which gives extra leg room.

Bobby Scarbrough Bobby Scarbrough
Shared publicly - August, 14
The theater itself is really good. Super comfortable seats. Seats in the main theaters recline. Others rock, but all are soft like a recliner. The waitstaff is great, but the food is pretty overpriced. A good date night spot, if you don't mind paying a bit much for food or you do dinner beforehand and you want to be near the square.

Jon Rustad Jon Rustad
Shared publicly - May, 16
Great ticket pricing, however the floor of the theater we were in was flat, which can make for an interesting angle/head tilting experience. The chair does recline, but when you get up for a refill or quick restroom stop, you block others views. The concession stand is great-love the self serve soda!

Milinakm Milinakm
Shared publicly - April, 16
It's very nice movie theater. Clean, chairs were comfortable and you can recline back for more comfort, surrounding sound was excellent. Love the food. I had me some Bowl me over with pasta and vegetables. It was absolutely delicious. Service was friendly.

Troy Brown Troy Brown
Shared publicly - July, 15
The seating is very odd. All seats are level while the screen is very high with no tilt, therefore only way to watch the movie comfortably is to recline. They were not serving food and there was pre-warning.

Kelly Crenshaw Kelly Crenshaw
Shared publicly - June, 15
This is probably the best theater in the area. The service is very good in the bar. The ability eat at your seat is very nice. I know that is much more common place nowadays but skylight is doing it a cut above in my opinion.

Rhett Tanner Rhett Tanner
Shared publicly - August, 14
I got online to buy tickets and accidentally bought one too many tickets. When I realized it I called to request a refund. The staff told me to send an email to the managers and they’d fix it the next day. I never heard anything so I called back. A male manager got on the phone and told me he wouldn’t help me. That they haven’t had that issue in 5 years so he refused to help. He threatened to cancel all my tickets because he didn’t want my business in his theater. I accepted the loss and went anyway. No one checks your tickets in this place so don’t buy any. Screw this place. Go to AMC or anywhere else. Seats are more comfortable. Screens are better. Service is better. I’ve never encountered such a rude staff anywhere. I will never go back here.

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