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Shireys Auto Sales Inc

Shireys Auto Sales Inc

Address: 2500 Bay Rd, Milford, DE 19963, USA


City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Jay Weldy Jay Weldy
Shared publicly - September, 5
I've exclusively bought every used car from Shirey's since moving to Delaware 20 + years ago. I like higher end Euro-cars and they specialize in that. My first purchase was a BMW Z3 that I had for over five years that I literally did nothing to except tires and oil! I think I've purchased 5 cars from them and have been happy with each one. My latest purchase is a Mini-Cooper that had a couple small issues and when I called they immediately made an appointment to have them resolved at no charge to me. You are buying a used car and not every issue can be caught, what matters is that the dealer stands behind your purchase. Over the years they have always made sure I left happy and that's why they always get my return business.

Matt T Matt T
Shared publicly - December, 5
Keith was very easy to work with. Help my wife and I get a beautiful car

n b n b
Shared publicly - August, 1
DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THEM! I bought a car from them thinking I was getting a deal and all I got was a headache. I showed up to pick up the car I test drove 2 days before and he goes oh I forgot it's not inspected in Delaware. So I had to wait 3 hours for him to take it to get inspected in which he brings the car back to me on E literally empty if there wasn't a gas station up the road I probably wouldn't have made it a mile. I took it back the same day because upon getting half way home when the check engine light came on. They claimed it was a code that was never cleared a week later it started shaking when I stopped and the light returned I took it back they said it was covered under warranty my warranty company wouldn't touch it because it was under 30 days. Then I take it to them they have it for a week Claim that it's fixed and it's obviously not. I waited it out for warranty to kick in and come to find out it's not covered and now I have to come out of pocket for it Keith is a liar his mechanic is a liar don't do it

Locally Hated Locally Hated
Shared publicly - April, 14
Place is a dump, I worked for them all their cars are junk and what they do sell comes back to be worked on in a week or two, Keith is a liar!

Nhut Nguyen Nhut Nguyen
Shared publicly - November, 24
Great people to work.with

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