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Seneca Cannery Antiques

Seneca Cannery Antiques

Address: 201 St John St, Havre De Grace, MD 21078, USA


Website: https://www.facebook.com/Seneca-Cannery-Antiques-24673130541430

City: Maryland

Country: United States

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Scootin' Fool Scootin' Fool
Shared publicly - March, 29
This place discriminates against people for medical disability. I cannot wear a mask due to severe COPD, but wear a plastic shield since it is the next best option, and my only option other than going without anything. I was not allowed entry.nnIt’s their store, and their prerogative, but still, not cool.nnFor the record, this is the first and only store to deny me entry because my face covering was not “a cloth mask,” They are absolutely alone in this.nnAnd they lost business. It doesn’t make any sense.

tyo; jihihihih tyo; jihihihih
Shared publicly - February, 28
Let me start off by saying this shop has a wonderful variety of selections, although a bit pricey, but still love to explore this place. HOWEVER, the staff is very rude and I always feel very uncomfortable when I go here. Today I was standing in line behind an older women and the guy worker practically yelled at her and told her she needs to step farther back in line to allow more space. I felt so bad for the sweet old lady I would never talk to an elder that way it made me sick. He Also was very rude to a women when she asked him to open up a case and forgot to look for the number before asking. And when I asked he criticized me for having my friend at the case with me when he opened it. It’s really sad that they are so mean to their customers because this store would be top notch if you didn’t have to get bullied every time you walk in. I never write bad reviews but after seeing the way the old woman was treated I had to, such a shame.

Alice Miller Alice Miller
Shared publicly - October, 25
I can't complain about antique stores. They are brilliant. The selections are amazing and the store is deceptively massive. If its plates, or a piece that's one of a kind, this store is the place to be! My family loves old stuff, so they are never disappointed. Business is good here and there's always something new to find!

david dobbs david dobbs
Shared publicly - April, 7
Take your time and enjoy the variety of things ranging from antiques to quirky, useful to frivolous, both upstairs and down.

Rob Davis Rob Davis
Shared publicly - November, 29
Today impressed with the inventory I was coming down the stairs with a sled and an old box in hand. Glasses fogged and mask on. It must of slipped past the tip of my nose. The Man far from Gentleman (Owner/Employee) yelled at me as if I was some child or someone who didn't know the Covid guidelines. Sir I'm a respectful person and would never not wear my mask on purpose. You were very rude yelling twice as if I was ignoring you. I didn't know you were speaking to me. I didn't make the purchase because of your rudeness. Learn how to talk to people. My Veteran father didn't disrespect me and you certainly aren't. I'll never give you one dollar of mine. Learn some kind of constraint and kindness to people not trying to break the simple rules.

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