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Sea Air Village

Sea Air Village

Address: 19837 Sea Air Ave, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-227-8118

Website: https://www.suncommunities.com/community/sea-air-village/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=local&utm_campaign=yext

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Shared publicly - July, 1
First I have to say the community is very well maintained. The young ladies in the office very polite friendly and knowledgeable. My wife and I just got a lot for the summer. Please go to the website and check sea air village.

Kristel Hope Kristel Hope
Shared publicly - August, 30
Quiet, clean, safe and secure. Excellent location. Close to the beach, outlets, and even the hospital. Wonderful neighbors keep an eye out for each other. Beautiful pools in the summer. Charcoal BBQ area with picnic tables and overhead coverage. Basketball and sand volleyball courts, in addition to playground and swings for the children.

Angela G. Angela G.
Shared publicly - March, 3
I’ve visited sea air village every year since I was a child. Now my parents live there year round. It’s like a staple in my life! They have 2 pools, BB courts, playground for the kids and bathrooms with showers to rinse after the beach. The mobile homes are a bit dated but this place has been around for so long it’s only a natural occurrence. Hoping the management does better this year with the pool upkeep. Last year was the first I’ve seen the baby pool filled with leaves and debris consistently through the whole season; could barely walk around it without stepping on some sort of branch that hurt your foot. And by the end of the season the big pool was so discolored I didn’t even want to get in it. Yet still, this place will always feel like home away from home.

Patty G Patty G
Shared publicly - August, 31
Nice modular home community with a pool, gym, and kiddie park. They hold picnics and activities for residents on special holidays. The traffic on route 1 is horrendous on weekends, but lots of stores, restaurants, and the beach close by.

Doug Quaid Doug Quaid
Shared publicly - November, 3
Don't live here but go to visit friends. Nice Park. Well kept. Many of the trailers are very decorated. Every trailer can be individual and unique. No pictures though. I don't take pictures of people's homes that's weird.

Joyce Malone Joyce Malone
Shared publicly - August, 30
I have lived in Sea Air as a second summer home for 10 years. Over that time, our ground rent has increased year over year and we seem to be getting less and less for that rent. I had an opportunity to check out Silver View Farms just up the road and WOW! What a difference. You want to see how a great park is managed, go take a look there. I love Sea Air but I honestly feel like no one is listening to our issues. And I am growing tired of trying to fight for them. Things as simple as grass cutting are not being handled right and the park is starting to look like trash. It was always a very clean and well kept park but this is just not the case any longer. I have complained all the way to the top of Sun Homes with no response to my concerns and no action. I'm tired of lip service. I am very sad to have to rate this so low because it breaks my heart but it is an honest review of the community at this time.

Susan M Elliott Susan M Elliott
Shared publicly - August, 31
Awesome pool and friendly neighbors. It is a great year round place to live. You can't beat the location, it is close to grocery stores, outlet shopping, great restaurants and the beach.

Larissa Knoche Larissa Knoche
Shared publicly - June, 1
New managers again. They added a dog park. Whoever they got to cut the grass this year sucks. They leave patches when they do cut and other spots they don't cut anything at all. Supposedly they are becoming a "seaside" rv park.

Jamie-Lyn Laurenzi Jamie-Lyn Laurenzi
Shared publicly - August, 30
I have lived in Sea Air since I was 8yrs old, I am now 46. I have to say that Kaylie is amazing!!!! Anytime I have asked her for anything she has always done it & quickly. She is amazing! I hear a lot of people saying that she is picking on them, constantly sending out letters saying this or that needs to be done on their lot or to their home... GOOD!!! Like I said, I've been here a very long time & I can not remember a time when a manager tried so hard to make this COMMUNITY look nice!! I do not consider Sea Air a trailer park, it is the community I live in. Trust me, there are PLENTY of trailer parks in Sussex County that are fun down, no upkeep & no one trying to make it better. Thank you, Kaylie. I honestly don't see my family going anywhere else. Sea Air Village is Home & Always has been.

William L. Weaver William L. Weaver
Shared publicly - August, 31
We have been seasonal here for the past few years. Our home base at the beach! Such a hidden treasure.

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