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Rupanuga Vedic College -Hare Krishna KC (Iskcon)

Rupanuga Vedic College -Hare Krishna KC (Iskcon)

Address: 5201 The Paseo, Kansas City, MO 64110, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 816-924-5619

Website: https://harekrishnakc.com/

City: Arkansas

Country: United States

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Linden Jackson Linden Jackson
Shared publicly - August, 30
Unfortunately I did not have the same experience others did. I spoke to three Hare Krishnas and asked them questions. Two of the three seemed off put, and when I asked one of the followers how they came to be in the Krishna movement, they tersley replied "that's a long story" and got up and left shortly after. I was genuinely interested to learn. I didn't know why they didn't eat meat. I had been in other religious communities where animals were kept out of reverence and simply for the joy of caring for them. Any question or interest I had was met by hostility by all but one member, who was delightful. Of every person I interacted with (about 15) only two of them actually had love, joy, peace, and presence of mind. I did not find good energy. I did not find a welcoming atmosphere. Ironically enough, they were celebrating one of the largest festivals where it should have been a day of delight and rejoicing. I had been looking forward to visiting for a few weeks and every iota of excitement I had was replaced with disappointment at their hostility. I would never go back and this experience left such a bad taste in my mouth I don't think I would visit another Krishna community.

sapana dixit sapana dixit
Shared publicly - February, 15
Beautiful atmosphere where I find inner peace and immense happiness!! The deities are gorgeous. It’s a welcoming place and I always feel at home no matter what day of the week it is. If you have not visited this temple please do so because it’s definitely worth it!!!!

Mercedes Stoner Mercedes Stoner
Shared publicly - February, 15
This group of devotees have treated me with most utmost respect I have ever received, who have done nothing but help teach me, who have actually seen who I am, moreso than my own family has. They've done nothing but open their doors to me, to allow me in, have played with me, fed me, gifted me back my happiness, made sure I understood everything. This group of guys, best I have ever met. They have the same values and morals as me, the same vision as me, and they want nothing but happiness for everyone. They want everyone to be awakened so they can return back home. They willingly open their doors to anyone and everyone, giving everyone fair and equal opportunity. They enjoy teaching, they enjoying going out, and singing and dancing in honor of Lord Krishna. This college, nothing compares to it, because it truly feels like home. If you haven't been, I suggest you go. 10/10

Sanjay Jaiswal Sanjay Jaiswal
Shared publicly - February, 15
Visited the temple in December 2019 with family and stayed in the guest house for three days. All of us liked this place very much!! Grateful to everyone there for their care and involving us in the different temple activities. Prasadam was the best!! Would like to be there again.🙏

Repo Man Repo Man
Shared publicly - September, 14
God house...love the Sunday feast.. good place to meditate.. love kirtan. Hara Krishna. People are very welcoming.

Miguel Ley Miguel Ley
Shared publicly - February, 15
Dear friends, This establishment is founded on love and trust. Wonderful people, wonderful philosophy, wonderful experience! Come dance and chant with Krishna’s family and feel the bliss you’ve always been searching for.

little John little John
Shared publicly - August, 23
Visited from out of town today and I was shocked at the behavior of the devotees. Hostile energy I wasn't expecting.

Naga Pasumarthi Naga Pasumarthi
Shared publicly - February, 15
Temple is so pleasant and Krishna Prasad is delicious. You will have peace of mind, go in to in-depth transformation of one self with blissful Krishna Bajans around you. Hare Krishna.

Nathanael Johnson Nathanael Johnson
Shared publicly - September, 14
Very kind and genuine people. I went on a Sunday; we did a few mantra chants, read and reflected on the Sacred Text, then had a breakfast. I would definitely go again, and recommend this place to anyone seeking spiritual companionship from like minded individuals.

Rasala Krsna Rasala Krsna
Shared publicly - September, 15
The devotees at the temple are wonderful. They are very enthusiastic and doing so much service. I was very surprised to learn the extent of the temple's book distribution efforts. They have been number two in the country (among ISKCON temples) in book distribution for the last several years. Like other ISKCON temples they have a free Sunday feast and a discourse on the Bhagavad Gita during the Sunday program. I encourage everyone to visit and support this temple.

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