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Royal Farms

Royal Farms

Address: 6 W Lebanon Rd, Dover, DE 19901, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-943-6661

Website: https://www.royalfarms.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Jewell Robinson Jewell Robinson
Shared publicly - May, 5
The price went up on chicken strips but they are still delicious and the service is great 🌟

Shakyla Dukes Shakyla Dukes
Shared publicly - February, 4
This has to be one of the most unprofessional establishment that I have ever had the misfortune of being hired at . The management is disorganized and unprofessional. They take days for themselves and just expect the lower workers to pick up their slack when they are gone. Poor management. No communication once so ever. My first day someone overdosed in the bathroom (a male) and as a female I was forced into the men’s room when two MEN were on staff and made to just continue like normal. It is disgusting the way they treat their employees! I was there my first week and all my scheduled days off were changed without NOTICE, not only that they couldn’t even own up to their unprofessional, I was told I “misread” the schedule but I had looked at it 3 times before I left, and was almost forced to come in on a day that I had scheduled appointments. If you value communication and professionalism on the job, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY ! No respect, no say.

Emily DeJesus Emily DeJesus
Shared publicly - January, 5
Because me and my significant other went in and ordered a spicy tender box and the lady literally took the spicy tenders out of the box and replaced them with regular ones and we didn't know until we were already gone.

Chaze Person Chaze Person
Shared publicly - September, 2
The only reason I used this royal farms because the one nearest me is extremely shady at night times. But they only had one person working the entire store. I would give it one star because of the bad management but I gave it two because the lady who made our food and was extremely nice and deserves a raise. Get it together

Matt Trently Matt Trently
Shared publicly - September, 3
Come on now this is the most pathetic slider ive ever seen... this place is so inconsistent one day youll have a good meal with good service, and few hours later it seems all knowledge in the kitchen and coustomer service just goes to s**t . Sorry not sorry, fix your sh*t or hire someone who actually gives a damn.!

Mario Mario
Shared publicly - September, 2
I never do this because I feel like leaving online reviews is a waste of time generally, but this place was so gross and dirty I just can’t keep quiet about it. I’m not even mad at the Royal Farms chain either because there’s one near my mom’s house in Pennsylvania that I love and it’s 1000 times cleaner than this one. I don’t know who’s in charge at this specific store, but they should be legitimately embarrassed, if not straight up fired. You can go see the dirtiness for yourself if you wanna risk it- but if you do, just have a plan B for where else you’d rather eat when you get there- because you’re gonna wanna go with that plan b. Trust me.

Kylee Patang Kylee Patang
Shared publicly - August, 3

Terry Blair Terry Blair
Shared publicly - February, 4
Wanted a regular chicken salad sub and got spicy..not to mention everything was cold and the sliders chicken was raw

Angel Vizcarrondo Carmenaty Angel Vizcarrondo Carmenaty
Shared publicly - August, 5
Great place to get gas and snacks.

Jason Nicholson Jason Nicholson
Shared publicly - September, 2
Usual stop for fuel and sometimes snack. Occasional bathroom use. The dirtiest bathrooms ever. Staff never address it. It seems to be a thing at all royal farms I've been to.

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