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River Lights Cafe

River Lights Cafe

Address: 340 NE Front St, Milford, DE 19963, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-503-7255

Website: https://riverlightscafemilford.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Pam Hutchins Pam Hutchins
Shared publicly - August, 12
I arrived for a late breakfast on a Saturday & chose a seat outside. Other guests were quiet, not loud. It was a lovely day & had a view of the river. The crepes were soft & delicious. The croissant was light & airy. The yogurt, granola & fruit parfait was okay, it would have been much better with less granola. Overall, lovely breakfast at a VERY reasonable price! You can't beat it!

EM Coffin EM Coffin
Shared publicly - November, 6
Nice location on the water, small and has friendly staff. Food is affordable and there are a lot of options for breakfast. Portions were good as well but overall flavor of the food was bland. Items definitely needed more seasoning including salt and pepper. Although I used the salsa verde that came with my breakfast burrito, I still added hot sauce, salt, pepper and ketchup to try to enhance the flavor with minor impact to the taste. If the flavors improved I definitely think it is a good spot. We will try again in hopes this was just an off day.

Yunique Martinez Yunique Martinez
Shared publicly - August, 12
I got a breakfast platter and chicken and waffles. Words can't describe the satisfaction from the flavor of this food. My scrapple was cooked PERFECT to my liking, the chicken and waffles was AMAZING!!!! My eggs were cooked with just enough cheese. My French toast was delicious. I had 0 complaints from this place. Lately these food places have been slacking and giving old food. It was good to finally find a place that satisfied my taste buds. GREAT JOB!!!!!

Midnight BirdSong Midnight BirdSong
Shared publicly - August, 3
The view is so wonderful and sitting on the deck on a nice day..,doesn’t get much better! We had the breakfast and it was okay. I was hoping the food would match the view but unfortunately it felt a bit cafeteria to us. Very basic and with plastic plates and forks/knives. We will definitely be back for the atmosphere alone and hoping we experience a bit better of a meal. Maybe their lunch menu is more tasteful.

Ryan O' (Luckycharms) Ryan O' (Luckycharms)
Shared publicly - September, 2
The food was perfecto and affordable. We sat outside which was a great atmosphere on the river and staff were very accommodating and prompt. We savored our food and had a conversation with the owner Junior. A spontaneous stop for lunch turned into a very enjoyable experience. Highly recommended.

Jalena Migliaccio Jalena Migliaccio
Shared publicly - August, 19
After looking at the website, I thought this was a cafe that had good coffee as well as good food. Their website says they have a wide variety of coffee so I was hoping for something more than just regular or decaf hot coffee (they have iced, it's just hot coffee with ice so super watered down). The older woman working there who I'm assuming is the owner or the manager seemed very off put that I wanted to sit outside despite me telling her I didn't need any waitstaff, I was getting my food to go. I just wanted to sit outside. She wasn't very friendly or warm. Location is cute on the river but wasn't the best experience. Has a lot of potential. Food was decent though.

Marisa Stambro Marisa Stambro
Shared publicly - August, 12
Breakfast was awesome. Food was fresh. And very filling. Great price. My waitress ayrianna was very friendly, always smiling and the homemade juice was very tasty. Will definitely be back for lunch!!

Anteyzeha Pearsall Anteyzeha Pearsall
Shared publicly - September, 2
Took my self out to breakfast ate outside on the patio, nice atmosphere! Staff were so friendly and genuine!!! My breakfast was hot and fresh and you can tell they made it “made to order” I usually don’t eat everything off my plate but I did today! 10/10 pancakes were fluffy!

Rachel Settle Rachel Settle
Shared publicly - August, 26
Such a great place! Delicious food, wonderful service, and a gorgeous view!

Richard Wells Richard Wells
Shared publicly - August, 3
This is a nice place for breakfast or lunch. It is right next to the river and they have a huge menu. Service is very fast, I counted like 6 people working in this medium size operation so they are ready. You can eat indoors or out.

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