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Rite Aid

Address: 4609 Kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington, DE 19808, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-994-2591

Website: https://www.riteaid.com/locations/de/wilmington/4609-kirkwood-highway.html

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Joan Hamm Joan Hamm
Shared publicly - February, 3
I have been shopping there for many years! Was a Gold member now a silver?? Carol the Mgr. Always helped me when I had a question for products. 10 rating. The male pharmacist I give a 10 rating!! If I interuppted him by accident asking for a clerk to help0...he was the only one who helped me after many yrs. Of shopping there. I always told him i could wait for a clerk. Yet he showed me where the product was and educated me on the product.. The young African american male cashier was always helpful and polite. All others were terrible!! When I complained I was told they quit? Even one of the mgrs. W dark hair quit. Sorry forgot some names. I was verbally abused at the Marshall's Kirkwood Hwy. A customer saw this as I was leaving and told the Indian Mgr. I was putting my trash bag in the bin. The bag was medium size and only had paper in it. He YELLED A customer witnessed this for treating me so Horrible! She may have called your home office last week?? She was extremely angry when she witnessed this!= I am a Sr. And I cried after this experience!! I am a bit afraid to shop there when he is working. I am alwaysl polite...but sometimes i question prices and where things are and if a product is the best one to buy. Most employees are rude and treats me as if i am a problem? I am considering going to CVS after so many yrs buying at Rite Aide. Most there are nice but some treat me like I am a nuisance..they r shorthanded and the customer suffers because of this. Especially a longtime customer?? The nice employees r the only reason I come back.

Kaylin Novak Kaylin Novak
Shared publicly - January, 4
Clerk by the name of Gail is extremely unprofessional. I called to see if they have at-home covid testing kits and all I was able to get out was “Hi, do you - “ and she spoke over me and said “No”. Would not let me finish and after I asked if I could finish my question she responded “Go ahead” and then I asked what her name was again and she then said “Gail, I’m sorry for being inappropriate.” Maybe she should have had that sympathy before she cut me off before I could even ask my question. I know it’s a high stress time right now but unless customers are being rude, there is no need to be rude back.

Elizabeth Sutor Elizabeth Sutor
Shared publicly - September, 1
I stood in front of the perfume case for 7 minutes. No one acknowledged me, even though I was in sight of the cashier. When she was done ringing up her customer, I raised my hand in her direction and asked if this was the only place where you had perfume. She turned her back and walked away. I threw my hands I the air and said "screw it. Forget it.-" only then did she ask if she could help me. I told her hot to bother and left. I called to let someone know how disappointed I was and was asked if I wanted to come back and someone would help me find the perfume. That was nice of whoever answered the phone to.offer but why would anyone then drive back ? My husband is recovering from surgery and I have very limited time to myself or even for errands now. And if I did have the time, at that point Im rewarding someone for their bad behavior. Please train your cashiers. There was no excuse for that.

Meek Cuff Meek Cuff
Shared publicly - September, 2
I've received consistent great service at this Rite Aide Pharmacy. The pharmacy staff are always willing to help and the pharmacists are patient and knowledgeable. I find the prices in the rest of the store to be too high, including the sale items. The cashiers at the front of the store are different. Sometimes I'll get great service and often other times I don't even get a greeting. They'll just start ringing until I speak first; otherwise they say nothing until they ask if I have a "Rite Aide Card". I used to frequent this location as I reside nearby but patronize the store less due to the inconsistency at the front counter. I still use the pharmacy regularly. I'd recommend the pharmacy at this location.

Dottie Randazzo Dottie Randazzo
Shared publicly - September, 2
This store must be loosing money big time. 1) I had a 20% off coupon which their machine spit out just for me (silver rewards). The cashier refused to scan the coupon, rang up my items and handed me another 20% off coupon. I called the Rite Aide headquarters and they pulled up my receipt and added the 20% off to my Rite Aide card. 2) I went in and the machine printed off the coupons just for me (silver rewards) and the cashier threw them in the garbage can instead of giving them to me. I told her that they were mine and I wanted them. 3) I went in to get a prescription filled and they said that my insurance was cancelled for non-payment which isn't true and I had to pay full price and submit a claim form from my insurance company. I will never ever go back to this store. Buyer beware they are ripping people off right and left!!!

L- Boogie L- Boogie
Shared publicly - September, 1
Absolutely hands down my FAVORITE Rite Aid Ever! I am always a handful with either a million things or with odd requests/needs and they never say No or give me an attitude like some other stores I have experienced! Love Love this location and their awesome customer service!

grell sucliff grell sucliff
Shared publicly - September, 2
I will never return to this store. The cashier smelled and looked like she'd been dead fir days..rit aid needs to drug test regularly! Detox is buildings away cashier MEGAN W. You shouldn't be working in customer service with and additude like that! A shower and rehad would be best

Lauren Konkiel Lauren Konkiel
Shared publicly - September, 2
Barely any makeup in stock and at 12ish the cashier had no money for cash back. Offered to go to the other register because that one had money to give back, than why not ring on that one. This is why I am glad rite aid is being bought out by Walgreens.

Photo LuvN Photo LuvN
Shared publicly - September, 2
Great store friendly service and good sales to be had. Plenti points ate an added bonus. Open til midnight makes it convenient.

Gigi Tapia Gigi Tapia
Shared publicly - September, 2
Best rite aid around. Wide selection and since I coupon I love this store cause they are always stocked. Very polite cashiers not like the prices corner rite aid.

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