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Rip's Cleaners

Rip's Cleaners

Address: 316 N Main St, Gainesville, FL 32601, USA


Website: http://rips-cleaners.jany.io/

City: Florida

Country: United States

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John Anderson John Anderson
Shared publicly - March, 10
The owner's son John Jr. has absolutely no idea what customer service means. Took my shirts in and they came out with stains that were brand new. When simply attempting to speak to John Jr. about the conditions of the shirts post cleaning and the additional stains that were present, he became rude and literally walked away while I was talking to him. He said my shirts came in dirty and I was the only customer who seems to have a problem. He then told me to go somewhere else.nThis is not the first time with quality issues and the combative attitude of this kid but it is definitely the last. Goodbye.nThis young man needs a lesson.nI would highly advise anyone to look elsewhere for a dry-cleaning and laundry service.nIt was not this way when his father was present at this location.

Martha Martha
Shared publicly - February, 4
We had major damage to our home, and had to have every piece of clothing and linen washed or dry cleaned as part of the remediation. The people at Rips were fabulous! They hand-washed, dry cleaned, or bulk washed everything and did a fabulous job! Their wash-dry-fold service is the best deal in town! So grateful for their friendly service and professionalism!

Jaih Jaih Jaih Jaih
Shared publicly - April, 8
Very rude and racist picking my clothes up I notice that they were discolored ud83eudd14 started to talk to the guy that was pressing the clothes regarding the issue. He got very rude and aggressive. He had the audacitynto telling me how cheap my stuff was and I should've wash them at home. After reading the reviews I regret taking anything to them. The company is fully aware that it's nothing you could do after items have been destroyed. Just goes to show what kind of people they truly are. Heartless & unprofessional

Wata Montgomery Wata Montgomery
Shared publicly - October, 23
This is the best place to go take your clothes at in Gainesville Florida. When my mother passed they did me a favor. I don't have to go into details but just to let you know there were times that I come to Gainesville and my suits need to be clean that's where I take him at or any of my clothes. They will always get my business thanks guys for all that you do for me thank you

Mike O'Connor Mike O'Connor
Shared publicly - December, 11
Ruined three new shirts @79.50 each. They look like they were sprayed with bleach. John the owner tells staff they must be old. He avoids me and won’t return my calls. I have been doing business there for almost 20 years. Never again.

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