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Rice City Gymnastics

Rice City Gymnastics

Address: 1517 W Mill St, Crowley, LA 70526, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 337-250-4133

Website: http://www.ricecitygymnastics.com/

City: Louisiana

Country: United States

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Meghan Quibodeaux Meghan Quibodeaux
Shared publicly - November, 2
Rice City Gymnastics is a great gym for all ages and capabilities. While having fun in recreational classes the coaches watch for talent for their competition teams and pour into the children's talents and shore up weaknesses. It's a family run operation and the children are treated like they belong. It's so fun to watch the children grow at Rice City Gymnastics!

Jordan Thompson Jordan Thompson
Shared publicly - September, 29
Rice city gymnastics is a wonderful gymnastics place. They really work with the children on form and function. You can actually see the progression of the abilities of the students over time. The enjoyment of the students while performing is quite evident on their faces. Excellent exercise all around for the kids, good job!

Nichole B Nichole B
Shared publicly - September, 28
Enrolled my child and paid online over a weekend. Was supposed to start classes on the following Thursday. Never heard from anyone so called the Tuesday before to be told that there is no room for my child. Of course I was disappointed but understanding because I have once owned a gymnastics business myself and understand that things get looked over. Owner said she would refund me that afternoon but never did. Called back 2 days later to ask about it and she told me “she’s been busy but will see about it this afternoon. Thanks for the reminder (sarcastic tone).” Here we are over a week after paying online and I still have not received a refund. I’ve also sent 2 messages through PayPal dispute that have gone unanswered. Very unprofessional.

Felicia Melancon Felicia Melancon
Shared publicly - September, 28
My kids LOVE gymnastics at Rice City! The staff is so helpful and so great with kids!

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