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Redner's Quick Shoppe

Redner's Quick Shoppe

Address: 28253 Lexus Dr, Milford, DE 19963, USA


Website: https://www.rednersmarkets.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Melissa Shelton Melissa Shelton
Shared publicly - January, 1
This is for the gas station at Redners. All I can say is if you shop at Redners, get the rewards card and use it. You can't beat the savings on gas. I'm pretty sure you get like 5 cents off every gallon when you spend $50. You can't beat that. You were going to buy groceries anyway, might as well get a discount on your gas. There's no receipts to save, just swipe your card and its all saved on there!

Sarahjo Corder Sarahjo Corder
Shared publicly - June, 20
I like going this gas station it's open never crowded. And I love using that discount I get from shopping at Redner's Grocery Store period we have saved most of the time $0.50 to a dollar a gallon.

Sophia Giraldo Sophia Giraldo
Shared publicly - April, 23
Great things in this store

Jodie Truong Jodie Truong
Shared publicly - October, 7
good prices, great sales

Dominic Ross Dominic Ross
Shared publicly - December, 20

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