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Rangoli Restaurant

Rangoli Restaurant

Address: 7791-C, Arundel Mills Blvd, Hanover, MD 21076, USA


Website: https://therangolirestaurant.com/

City: Maryland

Country: United States

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jeffrey choy jeffrey choy
Shared publicly - March, 3
A little shy on personnel, but unsurpassed when it comes to the kitchen.nI eat Indian at least once a week and their supplier for meat is either the best in the area, or the owner/ manager chose the best product for my selection.nI've never had lamb that was so void of fat yet tender as ever.nWhichever, you won't be disappointed by the food quality!

Julie Julie
Shared publicly - February, 28
This is one of my favorite restaurants in the area. All of the dishes I've tried have been delicious and the spice level is perfect. The menu is extensive and includes some interesting dishes that I haven't seen anywhere else. Their customer service is fantastic. Great restaurant!

Taisha Savoy Taisha Savoy
Shared publicly - March, 31
This is my boyfriend and I first time eating Indian Cuisine. The food was delicious! Fresh! The staff was very attentive! Customer Service was outstanding! We will definitely come back.

Rico Hightower Rico Hightower
Shared publicly - February, 5
Their food is excellent. I haven't had a bad dish there and surprisingly my kids love it to. The workers are really nice. Some of their dishes take a while to make but it's well worth the wait. We go here every weekend.

mary campbell mary campbell
Shared publicly - February, 3
The food was delicious, the portions huge, and the service awesome. We were given lots of advice on menu, every detail attended to, and staff were eager to fulfill any need. We will for sure be recommending to others and going back for more.

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