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Ramada by Wyndham Shreveport Airport

Ramada by Wyndham Shreveport Airport

Address: 5555 Financial Plaza, Shreveport, LA 71129, USA


Website: https://www.wyndhamhotels.com/ramada/shreveport-louisiana/ramad

City: Arkansas

Country: United States

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Kathy - Lafitte Lafitte Kathy - Lafitte Lafitte
Shared publicly - January, 12
Due to a house fire on Christmas Day, we had no where to go, my sister called Ramada, we've been truly blessed. Everyone here has been so polite & friendly to my family & I. If we needed anything it was brought, & they are pet friendly also. I highly recommend that if your going on a trip & need a quiet & peaceful to get away to make your arrangements at Ramada. You won't be disappointed. ud83dude09

karen malecky karen malecky
Shared publicly - March, 28
This hotel should be condemned !nThe carpet had so many stains that it looks like it wasn't cleaned, ever!nNO Internet!nWhen I got into the bed i found a candy wrapper in the sheets!nThe windows were so dirty that you couldn't see out of them with the curtains open.nThe toilet seat looked really old like it was an original.nOne of the wash clothes had some kind of coffee or rust stain along the edge.nThe popcorn ceiling was actually peeling off and hanging down outside of the elevator.nI cleaned the TV remote with a towelette that i travel, with and it was literally black.nI took pictures that it was so bad.nNo employee was wearing a mask. also the outside of the property was not mowed and unkept, and there was yellow tape in front of the front door driveway like a crime scene. Never again.

Cara Peterson Cara Peterson
Shared publicly - March, 28
If there are rooms available elsewhere, grab 'em. Im not one to leave negative reviews, but I would not recommend this place at all unless you just need a desperate place to lay your head. Staff is awesome!

Horace Rollins Horace Rollins
Shared publicly - February, 27
everything was horrible and nasty.. the elevator did work so we had to climb the stairs... big chunks of drywall and paint clippings.. the staff was rude...carpet was nasty... the front entrance way was wet about a inch high. somebody needs to call the health department and have them shut down.. we had a horrible, horrible, horrible experience avoid,anvoid, avoid. and did I mention the staff and room was nasty and horrible

Keith Austin Keith Austin
Shared publicly - March, 10
This is no way a 3 star hotel. I was put on the 3rd floor in the very back of the hotel. The outside security door wasn’t locked so anyone could walk in without a key. The elevator was out of service and the stairwell was dark. When I did make it to my room the only light that worked was in the bathroom. No way to call the front desk because the phone didn’t work nor did the tv. When I went back to the front desk I was told by the sole employee that she could try and find me a suitable room. The only thing good about this place is that the clerk was friendly but don’t get you a suitable room. I ask for a refund and was told that I would have to speak with management. At that point I left and went to a different hotel. I wouldn’t recommend this place for any reason

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