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Race Track Car Wash

Race Track Car Wash

Address: 226 N Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-674-8600

Website: https://www.rtcarwash.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Yvonne Freeman Yvonne Freeman
Shared publicly - May, 5
Customer service is everything one customer can hurt a company’s business if not serviced correctly, and treated fairly. I’m waiting to get a mini detail on my car and a white truck comes through and gets serviced first. Now there are no signs saying wax only. I call the number and a female answered and said because that truck is getting a waxed job on his truck that’s why he went ahead of me. How is that even possible and there are no signs saying wax only. That girl told me a lie just to get rid of me. People customer service is everything, you need the business so that the money can keep flowing. Now I will have to take my business elsewhere.

Christine Johnson Osei-TuTu Christine Johnson Osei-TuTu
Shared publicly - August, 12
1st time I have been to the new car wash. You drive through the carwash, for them inside band wipe it had drive to the detail building.regular wash is $8. ( if you wanted wax that's $25) prices no longer includes the vacuum and inside windows. $20 for them inside to be mini detailed. All the staff mainly young men are very helpful and extremely pleasant after a small tip is paid $33 for what use to be $15 pre-pandemic. I tried cleaning my inside windows but none of the window products worked( didn't have white vinegar) so I went to the car wash.

Marissa K Marissa K
Shared publicly - July, 4
I've been coming here for years and I've never left unsatisfied. The tunnel wash itself is amazing, especially after the updated lightshow.(my kids love it.) The staff are always courteous and attentive. My Tahoe always looks like new when I leave. Definitely one of the better run car washes in dover.

K1 K1
Shared publicly - July, 4
Great wash and inside vacc/cleaning. But their prices have really gone up since my last visit…which honestly was pre Covid. Prices are jumping everywhere so I get it. I won’t be coming back through any time soon. For me, getting my car washed isn’t something I “need” to do. In this climate, I will just enjoy washing and vacuuming it myself.

Helene Prince Helene Prince
Shared publicly - July, 4
Good car wash. Efficient and the price is right. Free vacuums available and they even wipe down your car with soft dry cloths after the wash.

Necia Beck Necia Beck
Shared publicly - August, 26
Mini detail was finished in less than 5 minutes and they must have used a dirty rag to clean the windshield. It was harder to see through than when I drove in. The wash was okay but they didn't dry the car well enough. I have spots all over the doors.

shawna williams shawna williams
Shared publicly - May, 5
So im not going here anymore… after getting a mini detail that clearly wasnt even a basic interior clean by just looking at it!! Nothing was wiped down! Not the cup holders in my third row seatings second row seating and my dash was obviously still DUSTY!! I was there from 9am -9:45 on a FRIDaY morning. Now granted it was a cloudy day and drizzling outside that day! im not a stickler for exterior cleaning but if i pay for you to wipe down the interior it should be done! The worse part is IT was two individuals working on my car! You would think a 2 man job this would be done… like what were they really doing while i was sitting in the waiting room 😒

Alexandria Lundberg Alexandria Lundberg
Shared publicly - January, 5
Skip it, this place too expensive for the mediocre job they do. I paid $45 for an external wash and for interior cleaning (the girl who came out tried to upsell me, I said no thanks, and she charged me the higher price anyway). They rushed though the wipe down after the wash, leaving my windows still looking gross. Then the interior guys rushed through my cleaning. I could have saved $40 and gone through a self-service wash with better results and customer service. Never again.

Jess H A Jess H A
Shared publicly - March, 6
We had never been there before. This is a good car wash. We had great customer service. It was a much needed wash.

Greg Reed Greg Reed
Shared publicly - May, 5
Very easy and quick to get off the main road and into line. 2 exits from property after wash. No damage has ever occurred to my car and I have been through 100 times. I pay the monthly for unlimited and return when that big goose or whatever gives me their mark or an inch of pollen is on my car. Great place and good wash and dry! 👍😁

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