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Queen Cinema

Queen Cinema

Address: W Walnut St, Eunice, LA 70535, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 337-457-3283

Website: http://www.acadianacinemas.com/

City: Louisiana

Country: United States

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heather wilfert heather wilfert
Shared publicly - May, 1
First time my husband and I tried this place since moving here over two years ago. It's very cute and clean! Staff was super friendly and tickets are very reasonable. We'll definitely be back!

Mr. Smash Mr. Smash
Shared publicly - June, 30
Good movies and cheap process by the seats suck, can't sit down for more than like 30 minutes at a time, and the bathroom is bug infested, and you can hear the other movies through the walls

Rebecca “Becky” Smith Rebecca “Becky” Smith
Shared publicly - June, 30
Nice welcoming staff, comfortable seats, and the buttered popcorn was great!

Samuel A Andrus Samuel A Andrus
Shared publicly - July, 30
Love this hometown movie cinema. Nothing like taking in a movie with your son.

Zachary Balleza Zachary Balleza
Shared publicly - July, 30
Good place to take your family for an outing

Bigdad RD_68 Bigdad RD_68
Shared publicly - September, 28
Clean, quiet little theater. Been seeing movies here since the 70’s here. My big sister brought me here to see Grease back in the day. Took my first date here as well, and continues to be my theater of choice. Love to take in a matinee for an almost at home experience. Inexpensive, clean, quiet, and local. All the right things if you want to enjoy a good movie without a big hassle. The new fancy theaters with those huge screens put off so much light from the film, it’s like trying to see a movie with all of the lights on. We should Support our local businesses like these so they can stay in operation. Once they are gone, they cant often reopen.

Brad Bird Brad Bird
Shared publicly - September, 29
Take with salt, I have a soft spot for cozy old theaters. Queen Cinema is cozy and old, but the guts seem relatively new: comfy seats, crisp picture, good sound, good popcorn. It was clean. My girl said it used to be an old airplane hangar, and I love quaint old reused spaces so that made me happy. Seat layout was odd, one big hallway in the middle, rather than two down the sides. It is not stadium seating. Prices are cheap and the experience is good. I would go again. The movie was a turd, but that wasn't the theater's fault.

Sheila Harris Sheila Harris
Shared publicly - September, 29
Service was excellent, esp the 3 young men working the concessions counter. We had 2 staff members and 6 developementally challenged ladies in our group. The young men were very kind and exceptionally patient!🌝

Iria Oriakhi Iria Oriakhi
Shared publicly - July, 30
Friendly small town business.

Daniel Andrews Daniel Andrews
Shared publicly - September, 29
Queen Cinema is a quaint little 3 screen movie theater. It has a small town, almost drive-in movie, kinda feel to it and this is not a bad thing. I found it very refreshing to watch a major blockbuster movie in such an intimate theater. I subtracted 1 star because the surround sound mix was not very good at all. This made it difficult to understand dialogue that was anything other than shouting. I also subtracted 1 star because the room lighting did not get dark enough for the screen clarity to be better than just "acceptable".

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