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Priest Theater

Priest Theater

Address: 15 NW 1st St, High Springs, FL 32643, USA


City: Florida

Country: United States

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Patricia Peters Patricia Peters
Shared publicly - November, 23
Small family business that keeps costs very affordable compare to the competition. It's your good old mom and pop theater that's shows all your current films.

Jayde Roof Jayde Roof
Shared publicly - December, 8
Old style historic movie theater. Owners are great people. Great prices and current movies.

Michelle Walker Michelle Walker
Shared publicly - December, 7
Very small. Nice place to take kids. Nice personal cozy family friendly.

Carrie Young Carrie Young
Shared publicly - June, 12
Such a ride back in time!! Wonderful old time theater with what appears to be original seating. So original, my armrest fell off making it even cooler. Sound was good. And has the old time concession stand. We really loved it! So glad we experienced it!!

Makayla Johnson Makayla Johnson
Shared publicly - January, 25
Cute small place with great movies! Low prices and great snacks!

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