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Pizzadili Vineyard & Winery

Pizzadili Vineyard & Winery

Address: 1683 Peach Basket Rd, Felton, DE 19943, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-284-9463

Website: http://www.pizzadiliwinery.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Varina Marshall Varina Marshall
Shared publicly - June, 4
I have struggled with whether I should post or not. I decided to share my experience because it was so strange. Many years ago I attended a wedding at Pizzadili and had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the wine. When my friends and I were looking for a place to meet I suggested Pizzadili. I e-mailed back and forth with Angela confirming they would be open, our party size, how to order trays, etc. She stopped responding but I figured everything was fine since she responded initially. Fast forward to Saturday, May 21st. The first couple in my party arrived around 11:30am. According to Google they open at 11am but I thought it may be noon so they waited. They, along with others who arrived for tastings, noticed that the door was open and keys were in the registers. Tip jars were out with money in them and the alarm was beeping. They described it as feeling like a horror movie - very creepy. It looked like someone was "just there and disappeared". The group did a quick search to make sure no one was in the back having a medial issue. No one could be found. The group decided to call the police for help - I mean this is a business with everything left unsecured. We arrived and waited with everyone until the police came. The lovely officer was so understanding and after we explained she suggested that since there was no body and no apparent crime that we should just lock everything up to secure the site. As everyone was leaving a car pulls up and parks. My friend asked the women if she was visiting or staff. The women said she worked there. My friend started to explain what happened and that we were happy to see she was okay and the women was very abrupt. She stated she had car issues and seemed very peeved that we contacted the police. I understand you had a hard morning but you didn't need to abuse the visitors who were trying to do the right thing. So after snaps at my friend and talks with the cop (something along the lines of "sorry these crazy people bothered you" I'm sure) she turns around and says "Well you can come in now, I'll take care of you." We are glad that the she was okay but after the overall experience and behavior of the staff member we decided it would be best to move on. I left 3 stars because of my previous experience during an event at the winery and I wanted to be fair to the owners who may not know what happened. I remember the wines being very tasty but I doubt I will be having them again anytime soon.

Chris Angert Chris Angert
Shared publicly - August, 26
I try to be positive with most of my postings, but this is too odd and ppl should know not to waste their time or get excited about a place absolutely not prepared for guests. Showed up yesterday to a completely empty bldg. The drive in had a long and wide section of the vineyard with virtually no vines, a few dead ones and one or two that appeared sickly. They had a bare bones "tasting room" with labeless bottles and an odd assortment of choices. We were told they had no chilled wines for sale and only two types available for sale at all. Something about their labeling printer not working??? We bought a bottle of each and promptly left as there was nowhere interesting inside or out to drink them. We went to a nearby park, opened the first and it was beyond horrible! We assumed spoiled, immediately opened the second to the same result. I mean just did not taste right at all. Who knows about the label printer not working, but this place is an absolute mess that needs to be avoided until some intrepid explorer ventures back in and can give us at least a star or two. Wow! They should just close for now IMHO.

Ali Casatelli Ali Casatelli
Shared publicly - July, 4
We went because it said it was open on Google maps. Like the previous comments, it was completely empty and the doors were shut. Beautiful Vinyard and I hope the owners are ok. Does anyone know who they are so we can check on them?

Cody Burkett Cody Burkett
Shared publicly - September, 3
I liked Pizzadili. The woman there was very knowledgeable about the wines, and the wines were a fascinating old-fashioned exploration both of terrior and older, traditional Italian-style winemaking techniques. I was really facinated by the white wines that spent contact on the skins; loved both the Deleware and the Niagara. My favorite of the reds was the Two Brothers Chambourcin and Cab blend. Recorded a podcast for my blog about the Delaware a few nights ago, actually, as that was the bottle that came back with me.

LC Collins LC Collins
Shared publicly - December, 6
Not sure how to view it since it was closed and on the Google maps it was showing it was opened. Maybe next time when they are really open and I go back I can give it a decent review.

Shared publicly - September, 2
ABSOULTLY amazing!!!!!! Beautiful place and an fantastic hostess for our tasting!!!

Tia Boykins (Creativ1) Tia Boykins (Creativ1)
Shared publicly - May, 5
We visited this afternoon only to find that they were closed. According to Google they were open from 12-6. There was no signage on the doors or anything to communicate the hours of operation or to say if they would be closed for a period of time. There was nothing on their Facebook page either. Very disappointing.

Ismail Bhad Ismail Bhad
Shared publicly - November, 6
Too many pictures of everything other than wine . It seems they are more interested in selling the venue for events rather than selling wine and one wonders why . If I’m looking for decent winery I don’t want to see loads of pictures of people getting married . I want to see a lot of detailed information about your wines and this is absent. Not even pictures of bottles of wines they sell or any description of their wines . Weird website !

Paul Culbertson Paul Culbertson
Shared publicly - October, 7
All the wine tastes like vinegar. It was in drinkable. Literally had to take our bottle back it was so bad. Won’t go back. Hopefully others don’t have the same experience. And I didn’t even talk about the customer service…

emily phelan emily phelan
Shared publicly - September, 2
The wine is amazing. The 2012 rosary has an awesome whiskey flavor. It's a household favorite. The brother's table wine is a great alternative to a sweet wine. Its not overly so.

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