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Pete's Cleaners

Pete's Cleaners

Address: 352 E 9th St, Mountain Home, AR 72653, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 870-425-2939

Website: https://facebook.com/petescleanersmh

City: Arkansas

Country: United States

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Yvonne Nystrom Yvonne Nystrom
Shared publicly - February, 16
We had our curtains from our RV cleaned by Pete’s Cleaners and they burned one set of the curtains. The manager said that they owners would pay to replace them but the owners never returned our calls it our text messages. Be careful who you choose to clean your expensive garments, I would never use this company to clean anything I own!! All they had to pay for was the shipping for curtains we received for free from another Motorhome owner and they never responded to my messages or calls!!! So disappointed in this company owners!!

Alison Neal Alison Neal
Shared publicly - September, 14
My mom uses them and she is very happy with the quality and the people are really nice. We really hated that Amber left, she was the sweetest.

Crimson O'Reilly Crimson O'Reilly
Shared publicly - September, 14
I brought my dad's flag from his funeral in 2004 about 17 years later and they made it look brand new. It was dusty and looked old but it's now being displayed in a case proudly thanks to how good they cleaned it!!!!!!

Tonya King Tonya King
Shared publicly - September, 15
They do a halfway decent job the few times I have taken my items there to be dry cleaned, but their attitudes leave a lot to be desired. They make me stand there to be waited on while they do other things behind the counter even when I am the only customer and they aren't very pleasant. I took a couch cushion cover in and told them a kitten had peed on the cover, I was immediately interrupted by "we can't get that smell out". I went on to tell them that I rinsed the cover immediately and the smell was not the issue. The lady then said, "well, I can't guarantee it won't shrink." What negativity! I know there are risks with dry cleaning but you don't have to scare the customers. It's almost as if they don't want to help you. This scenario has happened every time I go in there. I won't go back. You people need to learn customer service. I wish there were another dry cleaners here. Time to learn to dry clean my own fabrics at home.

Erric Totty Erric Totty
Shared publicly - September, 14
I've utilized their dry cleaning and alteration services recently and they did a wonderful job. The customer service was great when needing the alteration. I'll definitely be back.

Nessa Long Nessa Long
Shared publicly - September, 14
My son's bean bag sprung a leak. Pete's Cleaners to the rescue. Did a wonderful mend job. Looks good as new.

Teresa Justice Teresa Justice
Shared publicly - September, 14
Super friendly, super fast. They fixed my dress coat and made it look and feel new again!

Earl C. Cruse Earl C. Cruse
Shared publicly - September, 14
I often receive compliments on my shirts. My response take them to Pete's

Katie Lavallee Katie Lavallee
Shared publicly - September, 15
Blankets are placed in a zippered plastic bag making it very convenient for storage.

David Anderson David Anderson
Shared publicly - September, 15
Got me in for same day service in a pinch. Did a good job too!

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