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Penn Cinema Riverfront 14 + IMAX

Penn Cinema Riverfront 14 + IMAX

Address: 401 S Madison St, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-656-4314

Website: http://www.penncinema.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Cynthia Valdez Cynthia Valdez
Shared publicly - June, 3
I haven't been to this theater in a while due to COVID, and let me say I'm not impressed. I don't know what happened to this place but the quality has gone down considerably since I was here last. The first item I want to address is the quality of the leather seating. I guess the quality of leather they used was either cheap or that they didn't bother to properly maintain it because the leather on all the seats is cracked. The arm of the chair next to me was also falling apart. (see attached photos) You would think considering I paid top price to see an IMAX movie this place would be better maintained. I guess not. If I wanted cracked leather seats I could have gone elsewhere and paid less. At least I would have known what I was getting for the money that I spent. The second item that I want to address is the pricing at the concessions stand. The theater charges you an extra dollar if you buy a combo meal vs. if you buy everything in the combo separately. I guess this theater thinks that they can be clever and that customers won't notice that they are being overcharged. But I wasn't born yesterday. Buyer beware. For the prices they charge at the box office and the concessions stand you would think that they would do a better job taking care of this place. But I guess not. That's all right, I will happily take my money elsewhere.

Cortney Ayers Cortney Ayers
Shared publicly - September, 1
Theatre was clean, had a ton of screens and an iMAX theater. It was slow on Thursday in August around 5pm (not surprised). But the popcorn still tasted fresh and the bathrooms were clean. Self-serve ticketing and recliner seating.

Scott Miller Scott Miller
Shared publicly - July, 3
Saw "Top Gun:Maverick" in IMAX here. The IMAX is worth seeing such large movies in. So close to the Riverfront restaurants that it made great sense to do dinner and a movie. The theater is clean, friendly staff, comfortable seats in both types of theater seating, and the IMAX experience was outstanding!

Anjie Dawkins Anjie Dawkins
Shared publicly - September, 1
Need more staff, but overall a decent experience. We had a wonderful time transforming the place for our 8th grade promenade. Thanks Mike for all your help, see you in a couple weeks!

Jarri Deniese Smith Brown Jarri Deniese Smith Brown
Shared publicly - June, 3
The theaters themselves are okay and I thought I was coming here for the experience but I could have easily gone to Cinemark instead. Every time I've been to the theater the"bar" which is just a refrigerator that contains alcoholic beverages with a padlock on it it's always closed. I'm middle-aged so why can I make a purchase? I just want a beer with my pizza while I watch my movie. Depending on the movie, one could probably just stay home.

Mark Shields Mark Shields
Shared publicly - June, 3
The cleanliness leaves a lot to be desired. The sound is often off. Clientele are often loud, rude, using their phones. This has happened on more then one occasion. Won’t be going to this theater ever again.

Lennox 2016 Lennox 2016
Shared publicly - June, 3
If you are going for the movie, just go to the movie. Popcorn is old, stale, cold, and THEY BURNED MY PIZZA! Went mid day Saturday and customer service was far below par. If you want a better theater experience, take the drive to Bear or Christiana. Sad because they have really built up the riverfront. Was definetly hoping for more. Movie was great though!

Comedienne KMack Comedienne KMack
Shared publicly - July, 3
My husband and I went to the new Dr. Strange. The seats were comfortable and the popcorn was just what I needed for all the action. I suggest the kids box which is only $5. You get popcorn, soda, and a fruit snack!

Tyhesha Johnson Tyhesha Johnson
Shared publicly - July, 3
This theater has seriously declined. For one, the place smells like wet mildewed carpet and isn’t very clean inside. Then one of the concession workers was literally scratching his head, and then attempted to make my kids snack box with those same hands, no gloves🤢…are u kidding me?? Not only was it unsanitary but there was no professionalism…so sad.

Diane Santillo Diane Santillo
Shared publicly - August, 18
Best movie theater in the area. Comfortable seats and plenty of leg room. Ticket prices aren’t bad either. Definitely worth a try!

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