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Origin Bank

Origin Bank

Address: 2790 Airline Dr, Bossier City, LA 71111, USA


Website: https://www.origin.bank/

City: Louisiana

Country: United States

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Brittany House Brittany House
Shared publicly - August, 9
I love banking here! They always know you, which makes banking super easy, are great to work with, and you can actually CALL them and talk to someone in that branch! True, efficient customer service!

Jessica Beaudion Jessica Beaudion
Shared publicly - May, 3
Absolutely wonderful customer service. Always a delight to do business there. Monica is always happy and excited to serve her customers.

Donnie Hudson Donnie Hudson
Shared publicly - August, 21
This could be the most rude, unprofessional banker I’ve ever dealt with. She actually made me feel guilty for bringing them my money. I brought in a lot of ones from my business and she complained the entire time and asked me why I brought it I like this! (I usually deposit at chase or origins on 70th which is MUCH better BTW) She ran the money through a counter was continuously jamming and she slammed it open and shut clearing it out all the while complaining. After making the deposit she handed me my slip and walked away, no thank you goodbye or anything. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THIS BRANCH!!!

Clinton Walker II Clinton Walker II
Shared publicly - August, 8
Whenever I call to see how much ud83dudcb0 I have on the Friday's that I get paid they've always giving me good customer service! Thank you!

Jamyah Fowler Jamyah Fowler
Shared publicly - October, 12

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