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Northside Station

Northside Station

Address: 3150 NW 79th St, Miami, FL 33147, USA


Website: http://www.miamidade.gov/transit/metrorail-stations.asp

City: Florida

Country: United States

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Joshua Dudeck Joshua Dudeck
Shared publicly - December, 18
Provided ID and they still wouldn’t provide me with my mail. They made me drive all the way home and find leasing agreement to get it.

Shelly Beans Shelly Beans
Shared publicly - January, 6
SHOUT OUT TO METRORAIL OFFICER ESSIE BURKE SHE'S ONE OF THE BEST METRORAIL OFFICERS I'VE EVER MET SO SWEET NICE FRIENDLY & VERY HELPFUL THUMBS UP MS. ESSIE BURKEud83dudc4dud83cudfffud83dudc4dud83cudfffud83dudc4dud83cudfffud83dudc4dud83cudfffud83dudc4dud83cudfffud83dudc4dud83cudfffud83dudc4dud83cudfff...I love that the Metrorail Stations are always secure & safe whenever I have taken any trips on them. They're always clean & the officers securing them are friendly & very helpful when you need help to find your destination THUMBS UPud83dudc4dud83cudfffud83dudc4dud83cudfffud83dudc4dud83cudfffud83dudc4dud83cudfffud83dudc4dud83cudfffud83dudc4dud83cudfffud83dudc4dud83cudfff

Vernette McGriff Vernette McGriff
Shared publicly - January, 18
Well what is there to tell or say about Northside Station? Its a ud83dude89

Noel Grijalva Noel Grijalva
Shared publicly - June, 26
No safe for parking, security guards don't care about to do something if they see someone braking your car. They say they don't get pay to watch for cars only the station.

Raymond Rona Raymond Rona
Shared publicly - December, 21
Is this the one by the flea market

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