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Newark Natural Foods Co-op

Newark Natural Foods Co-op

Address: 230 E Main St, Newark, DE 19711, USA


Website: http://www.newark.coop/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Robert Tkachick Robert Tkachick
Shared publicly - November, 22
Best natural food store in Newark - since it is the only one. But seriously a good place to get most organic and/or natural groceries. Staff is always pleasant and usually helpful. Regular stop in our weekly shopping.

Dana Matthews Dana Matthews
Shared publicly - November, 13
I love this place. I go every week. Staff is always friendly and go out of their way to help you. It's clean and it just feels good to go in there. Its my happy place.

Heidi Anderson Heidi Anderson
Shared publicly - November, 3
It is a clean environment though I didn't realize until I was home from the horrible experience that I bought a tiny expensive expired salad. I encountered 2 kind customers, that was nice. The workers were not so kind nor were they helpful. I was excited and thought I found a great place but I won't go back. Kindness matters. Customer service is crucial to me.

mistersir1098 mistersir1098
Shared publicly - November, 12
Decided to get something quick to eat, so I stopped by Cafe 67 for a Latte and a Spicy Buffalo Chicken Panini and I’m very disappointed. I asked for a double shot of espresso in my drink, but it only tasted like pure liquid sugar. Then when I opened my sandwich (fresh off the press), I noticed that the inside was cold and there was no spicy buffalo aioli as advertised. My order was pretty simple so I’m not understanding how both items could be so poor. Won’t be returning.

Joseph J Joseph J
Shared publicly - August, 15
I used to come here for overpriced organic foods but not anymore. After learning about my disability I was verbally assaulted and discriminated against. Some of the employees are hateful and the manager, Joe, did nothing but remain silent about the matter.

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