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Nemours Building

Nemours Building

Address: Tatnall St, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States


City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Larry K Larry K
Shared publicly - February, 3
Theater N is a great place to see movie, building has great architecture!

Cassandra Harmon Cassandra Harmon
Shared publicly - September, 1
Watched a comedy show with a friend who volunteers at Theater N. The concession stand had a nice selection. Social distancing was managed well. There were very few people in attendance, which was a shame. The show had a nice selection of comedy topics. I hope a similar affair is hosted again. It breaks the monotony of social activity in light of the pandemic.

Stephen Pomraning Stephen Pomraning
Shared publicly - September, 1
Visited Zip Code Wilmington in The Mill. Very nice space for offices, classrooms and collaboration.

Nadine Elisma Nadine Elisma
Shared publicly - December, 5
Great time at TheaterN for TedxWilmington

Belkis Celis Belkis Celis
Shared publicly - September, 1
Theater N is an excellent venue for important films.

Landon Kuren Landon Kuren
Shared publicly - October, 6
Excellent evening out. Definitely going back.

Landon Kuren Landon Kuren
Shared publicly - December, 5
The security desk is very friendly.

Alejandro Villatoro Alejandro Villatoro
Shared publicly - September, 1
Very claen great service happy people !!! My second hang out !!!

Buckwild Buckwild
Shared publicly - September, 1
Unique movie theater for doc & indie movies.

Prosper Tuazama Prosper Tuazama
Shared publicly - September, 1
Beautiful old art deco building

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