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Nairobi Train Station

Nairobi Train Station

Address: Tampa, FL 33612, USA


City: Florida

Country: United States

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Pending Art Pending Art
Shared publicly - June, 13
A cherished memory for my childhood. The Nairobi train station has changed very little over the years. Even as Busch Gardens has evolved beautifully over the years. It is nice to have this link to the past.

Rebecca Badders Rebecca Badders
Shared publicly - June, 24
I just love riding this train through the replica of the Serenghetti plains: animals today included giraffe ud83eudd92; elk; antelope; zebra; rhino ud83eudd8f - both black and white; ostrich; hippo; and watutsi cow. A must amusement park anytime in Tampa Bay Area!!!

Angel Ryan Angel Ryan
Shared publicly - April, 28
Train is very relaxing and get to see lots of animals along the way!

Mariete Ebumbe Mariete Ebumbe
Shared publicly - May, 31
This people make your visit a memorable experience.

Meriam Aranas Meriam Aranas
Shared publicly - March, 30
Great place to see the animals up close.

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