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My Flower Box Events

Address: 510 McCormick Dr H, Glen Burnie, MD 21061, USA


Website: http://www.myflowerboxevents.com

City: Maryland

Country: United States

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Hope Fetty Hope Fetty
Shared publicly - October, 9
Although I haven’t signed a contract with My Flower Box Designs YET, Kim has been excellent at accommodating my extremely particular taste! I can’t imagine her customer service would be any less terrific once formally booking with her. Up to the point we are in the process, she has been SO responsive and diligent. I had first found her on theknot.com because my wedding is nearby. After discussing a quote, it seems her pricing is definitely comparable to other companies listed as only “$” which is very reassuring. I’m already so impressed! Keep it up, Kim!

Abby Durlewanger Abby Durlewanger
Shared publicly - December, 27
Our Perfect Florist!!!nMy Flower Box exceeded our expectations!! Our fabulous wedding planner Elle from Elle Ellinghaus Designs designed a beautiful day for us and worked with Kimberly to execute exactly what we wanted. We received so many compliments from our guest on how gorgeous all of the flowers were. They made a beautiful floral garland with hydrangeas to pour over the banisters and the chandeliers were just dripping with flowers. When I walked in the venue on our wedding day my breath was literally taken away, it was so beautiful I could hardly walk. My bouquet was phenomenal and they made a smaller version of our 4 year old daughter to hold as she walked down the aisle. My Flower Box is the perfect florist and we are so thankful that we were lucky enough to work with them. Thank you My Flower Box!!! Abby & Mike

Nora Nichols Nora Nichols
Shared publicly - December, 18
I worked with Kim from MFBE. She was nice and easy to work with and provided discounts where she was able to. She had great ideas of flowers that could keep the price reasonable, which I appreciated. I have to say that I was really disappointed in my sample bouquet as it was missing a few of the flowers we had decided on and it was tiny. It felt like Kim had a lot going on and it didn’t get her full attention, which I can understand, however I shouldn't haven't been charged 110 for it. The upside was that I could then tell her exactly what I didn't like about it and what I wanted more specifically and she added those changes right into the contract. Because of my sample bouquet experience I was a very nervous about the flowers leading up to the wedding day (and the reason I did not give 5 stars)...but I was pleasantly surprised and I LOVED my bouquet. It was exactly what I wanted and Kim's team did a great job. The bridesmaids bouquets had roses that were not the color I wanted but they were still beautiful and I loved their shape (I wanted them to be a dusty pink and they were more orange/yellow). My recommendation is to find a picture you want her to replicate or something very very similar to your vision. She was able to make a last minute addition of two boutonnieres for the ring bearers (the day before) that I had completely forgotten to add...she also gave us an extra boutonniere just in case. Communication was pretty good and I didn’t have any problems getting in touch with Kim. There was a lot of back and forth and I think sometimes little details were missed but I also made a lot of changes throughout the year. I would say MFBE is a great vendor for the price and so long as you are very clear about what you want, you won't be disapointed.

Kimberly Benedict Kimberly Benedict
Shared publicly - July, 12
So I have to say something because it has been almost 2 months of this....nnIf you or anyone ever gets married in or around Glen Burnie, do not ever use My Flower Box Events. I guess I got the short end of the stick becauseThe flowers and arrangements that I have seen from this company are beautiful and I thought I would get the same. The amount I paid for them and the amount we paid for the wedding, I expected to be in love and blown away, just like the pictures I have seen. But instead, Im disappointed and embarrassed. Not only were my flowers Browning, but they look like they were just snatched from the ground, roses not even fully bloomed, still somewhat of buds, no attention to detail or show of care to make sure they were beautiful. When expressing my concern and disappointment to Kim, I have sent numerous emails to sort this out and have yet to get an answer or get a meeting and its been almost 2 months! Its like I'm being ignored because they're the ones who cared less about my day. I would never recommend them to anyone. I wish I wouldve gone somewhere else.nI'm embarressed to have those flowers in all of my pictures, and in my memory. Or for people to think thats what I wanted, when it was absolutely nothing like the pictures that I GAVE THEM as reference pictures. I met them the Tuesday before my wedding and they had them all printed out. They knew what they were supposed to look like. Not only did my flowers look awful, but the mens boutineers were supposed to be pink, with ONE white boutineer for Steve father on our heaven table. But guess what? Every single Boutineer was WHITE! I'm so angry with this company and how they have handled things. Please dont ever use them, its like pulling teeth to get a response for ruining the memory of my flowers on my wedding day. One of the biggest parts of decoration, and they ruined it.

sOnic Gaming sOnic Gaming
Shared publicly - November, 15
Flowers were wilted and looked absolutely horrible. Would not recommend!

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